Thursday, January 1, 2009

Akemashite Omedetou~~~

Well well, its 2009 now... 2008, thank you for guiding me in your arms for 12 solid months. This year will be one of the longest chapters of life, which will always be engraved in my heart, my soul, and my mind. Plenty has been done, gained, recovered and lost. The four spices of life(according to the chinese cliche) sour, sweet, bitter and hot/spicy, had been magnified so much this year, that the memories just swirls in my head every single day and night. The laughters, stresses, tears and hard times were nothing but something God has blessed us with. They guided us, teached us and acted as fertilzers for us to grow strong and become matured. A little copy righted, but ee lyn, your way of listing is much more efficient.

Prefects-Teacher's day, Pn Zubee's Retirement, Kem Perdana, Prefect Council Dinner, Graduation,Prefect Annual Dinner, Prefect Installation08/09

These events has enabled me to form even stronger bonds with all the magnficent people in the board. I have learn to endevour, care and be selfless. I was shocked that my judgements and decisions were far more different than what I would have done back in 2007. For now, I knew I had become what Pn Wan had told us, we must be a coffee bean, instead of carrot and nut. Carrot turns soft after some heat, nuts will crack after some heat, but coffee bean releases aroma. In this sense, the heat will be all the hardships, moulding us into aromas, which is ourselves today. Are we gonna be soft like the carrot, or crack just like the nut? No, we had become aromas, as we had survived 2008 together, and all these happenings, will be my guidelines in my life later, starting 2009.


Pn Zubee

Kem Perdana~~~

Pn Zubee's retirement back stage~~~

Pn Zubee's party~~~


My super duper honeys~~~~

The one I've tired all my best on~~~


I am nobody in the scouts board, that was what I thought, until I had participated in the 40km in Malacca this may. It was tough, tiring and stressful. With only 5 sole warriors, we had to pace all the way along the high ways of Malacca, and all we had was ourselves(plus the rm50 we got from Sir Li Choong for extra protection). Tatt Fai was being really bossy, but everyone listened and obeyed, as WE selected him as the Patrol Leader. Yet, by the end of the Expdetition, we understood and appreciated each other. We under-estimated ourselves, but the result was much more significant than what has been expected. Fye, Brian , Adrian and Justin Kong, the expedition had also made me stronger, tougher and much more discipline. I was glad I'd made the choice to join your expedition, even I had wanted to forfeit two hours before out departure. Our hardwork, will be a huge piece of artwork in my heart.

Good bye boys~~~

Getting my 40km Cert!~~~

Passing down the pose~~~

My best Memory

Buddhist Society-House Dhana, Wesak Day, Trip to Malacca
I'd wonder, if ths was actually planned right in the beginning. I'd joined the society in form 3, after huge persuasion of Jer renn and Yik Sheng, I was really reluctant at the beginning. But, something pulled me back to the society, making me to keep my loyalty and faith towards it. I wonder if it was the people there, as they were so nice, and colourful. Yet, the most poweful force attracte dme there was Jer Renn, my very best friend who had been with me at all times in high school, in almost every aspect of my high school chapters. I wonder what would I be, if you weren't there always. And the chance they had gave me to become the President was very honourable and challenging. The plannings and drafts and letters and reports, it was nver-ending. But, I had al the help I need, yuet yin and Jer renn were always by my side, inclusive the guides form my beloved Puan Khoo. Puan Khoo was one of the very bright lights in high school which brought me serenity and peace whenever I needed them most. She will always talk calmly and so comforting that stress just leave my body when I talk to her. Thanks Puan Khoo!!!!

House Dhana~~~

Wesak day~~~

Chinese Society-Trip to Malacca, Chinese Song Competition
It is a miracle for me to know ths particular gang. They had made me found myself, and allowed me to keep my believes and ideologies. But, as i have said, it was as if it had been planned right formt he beginning, I as the President of BSociety had to co-relate with CSoiety's president which is Yuee Jhian. So, through all these, I had the chance to make friends with her, jia ven , jia jing , poh yee and the whole chinese gang. It was like a present form GOD!!! I was one of the only people(technically guy) who can actually talk so closely and "barrierless" with Yuee Jhian and Jia Ven. Honestly speaking, it was as if the whole class was afraid of her haha. Yet, she is a very nice and funny firl. With the gang of the 38 pohs together, I can laugh the whole week. And Yong Chin and gang, they had been really funny and supportive throughout the year. I am glad I befriended them and enlarged my circle of friends.

Melaka trip~~~

The whole gang in Zhao Jiu~~~ Superb satay celup!!!

The Cina gang~~~

Last but not least, 5 Setia and teachers who have taught us. Couldn't say that I truely enjoy the whole 2008 in 5 setia as I know i didn't belong here, as my heart still stick to 4 Usaha 07. Yet, there are fond memories you have cherished upon me. From Hari Keusahawanan, to the Super Star thingy which Pn Sha ha been threatening us whole year, and to the cam-whoring days, I have too, gained a number of great friends. Thank you for being there and the birthday cake, was truely an amazement. Thanks again once more.

My Super duper huge size birthday card, best one ever~~~!!!!

Now, 2008 has already ended while 2009 has stepped into the decade. I'd wish everything will be smooth this year and I hope Buddha will bless me with strength and determination to hurdle over the upcoming storms in 2009. For now, I'm going to work!!!! In Rakuzen SS15, so drop by anytime and I will be screaming, "IRASHAIMASE!!!!!!!"


Well, not exactly in my working uniform but i will post some soon!!! Wish me luck in my 209 part time jobbing k peeps? owh yea new year resolution~~~

1:Get fit!!!
2:Get laptop!!!
3:Get squash racquet!!!
4:Get squash shoes!!!
5:Get more money!!!
6:Get new hair style!!!
7:Get cool scholarships!!!
8:Get new friends!!!
9:Get closer to old friends!!!
10:Get my JLPT level 3!!!
11:Get to fly to Japan!!!
12:Get to forget X!!!

I think more is to come, yet full fill these and I shall be happy haha... And I try my best not to think about B N G relationship until I graduate~~~ Its not my kinda thing anyway~~~
JER RENN!!! THE Pirates were super nice!!! Finally finished the story and understand every single thing about it. Yeah, we watched 3 pirate of the carribean movies from 2 till 10.00 in the morning after the count down in pyramid hahaha... crazy but really was satisfying.... So, thats all peeps and happy 2009!!!


Signing Off,

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