Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coincidence or Destinied?

There are always coincidences happening in our daily lives.. how coincidently we bump into each other in a mall, how coincidently we got into an accident, and how coincidently, the person you bossed last week became you boss..

This happened to me today in Rakuzen. Guess what? When I went to Zen last week with a bunch of friends after the movie, my friend found out that his sashimi set was a little, so to speak "expired" and he requested for the manager to check. And today, when I was half way wiping the tables after a customer left, he patted me from the back and called me "Bin Bin, how was you work today?" Thinking that he was Paul, my cute philipino collegue , I said, "Very fine!" But when he kenlt down to join me for the table cleaning session, I almost jumped when I saw him. "Uhm, hi sir," He smirked and said that his name is Tom. Whoa, freaky... I recgonized him from his voice though. He is nice, funny at times and very considerate. Actually, all my superiors in Rakuzen and REAL nice deals, they helps you, do not exactly boss you, and they used "PLEASE" all the way, when you are only a PART-TIMER~~~ How's that? Cool place to work huh? Love this place~

MY Passion~~~

And then, there was another Japanese customer today.. I was litreally eavesdropping on their conversation throughout their dinning for the sake of practicing and improving my Japanese Intemediate 3~~~ HAha, for those who speaks Mandarin, canto, Hokkien, English or BM, watch out as I eavesdrop , ALOT~~~~~ His baby girl was soo cute and adorable!!!! I super love it when she called her brother "Onee chan~~~~) whoa I totally melted~~~ kakakakakak funnyness.... only a japanese baby and I melted... what will happen to me when a real deal said that? kakakakak funnyness~~~~

So, late night, around 9, there came a big shot.. even my super manager TOm came in.. Serious VIP man.. even the chef himself(super duper good looking Jap, my collegue Ellie sighed when he walks in kakakakak) gave them free stuffs... Seemed that it was his son's birthday, he brought in cake... secret recipe choco banana... And the best thing to have a rich customer is... They always give freebies~~~~ They couldn't finish the cake so the man's name, Mr Lok I think gave us freee cakes~~~ Shit got fat again lar.... Nvm... tomorrow I diet again~~~

And his other guests, I remebered their freaking faces well... the 2003 61st Petaling Scout Troop's Court of Honour gang, Matthew Teoh, Rudy, Hong Keat and Adam RIFF!!!! I recognized Matthew once he stepped in and I said hi, but he dint recognize me so it was real awkward~~~ hahaha.... Anyways... they weren't EXACTLY a pain, but they did delayed my shift.. So I went home 11.45 today... Thanks... but your dad's a big shot.. so us do customering fellas, really have to prioratize~~~~

So confused with my sexual orientation now~~` Having so many close girl friends yet none of them are my REAL girl friend??? What am I now..... Maybe its not the time yet... give it some time then~~~ Just enjoy bachelor's life... Love will come as time passes... I need a real soul chatter now~~~ Who is out there to guide me off this dilema???? Am i really straight or possible and chances to be gay??? owh well... like what chinese said, let destiny guide me~

SO.... Having my EPF made tomorrow~~~~ Have to wake up 6 oclock... And here wish Willy and his family a good fortune in the new year and happy belated birthday~~~ Hope your dad get well soon~~~ And same goes to Darren Happy Belated birthday too~~~

Jerry Chua happy belated birthday~~~~

Leng Chai anot?? Dun vomit ar... until chinese new year then~~ you will see a better one~

Thats it for today then~~~~ going for a big snooze~~

Signing Off,


  1. that's miserable binn! the one you bossed a week ago now become your boss LOL

    your chief is leng chai wor... where is your restaurant? i'll visit when i come to malaysia on april hehehe although i don't like japanese food ^_^

  2. hah? my chief? which chief? haha the restaurant is in subang jaya, ss15.. where it is the college central... just gogle it you can find plenty of maps already~

    don't like japanese food? waste lar a lot of leng chai leng loi comes in for japanese food~

    And yea it IS miserable!!! But he is nice lar so no more pressure~XD