Thursday, January 8, 2009

Katsumata-san tachi~

Vip room~~~

Well, since im a college-less fella around, i can only blog about my work here from now on.. till i get my new education surrounding then~ ok so lets go~

Today, half day, 6 to 11, yet they extended to 12 tonight, thanks to our very sporting/funny/drunk/cute/handsome Katsumata-san and his friends~ Seriously, today is like the first batch of Japanese in my working experience in Rakuzen(only for one week, but its a japanese restaurant, i expect more japs) and whoa, there are hell lots a japanese in this one

Before it was full

They reserved the whole place!(the top part of the restaurant) of 25 pax, full!!!!! I mean seriously, looking at them the whole night from 7 to 12 was really fun!!! Imagine a whole bunch of japanese male customers with all their testosterone filling the atmosphere, they were drinking, smoking, eating, but one thing i noticed that, is they are being really, "man" yet they were very polite in their ways. Seriously!!!! They were bowing the to each other, even me(im a waiter) and nodding their heads throughout the night! I love Japan~~~~~

After full

Yet, funny part comes when US( the services) talk about them. Yes, they were real polite, but they ARE men. What men do? Especially typical japanese guys? They wag asses. My colluge(she is a girl duuh) got a tight whack on the ass when she was serving. She was told that she was being noticed throughout though, but that olg guy just WHACKED!!! haha so funny when I listen to her story~~~ And then there were also tired customers who just crept out of the crowd and started to sleep in the other side of the place. He was really quiet sleeper though. I mean he didn't even snore or move a single bit when he sleep!!! Cool room mate!

Super locker~~~

There were also the drunk customers!!! I'm telling you, seeing first time in real action, drunk customers ARE really funnny and CUTE!!!! kakakak don't know how to put this though its like, they will just group right in the middle of the corridor and start chatting and walking around. One particular customer was so drunk, he got mixed up with his slipper's coulour when he was going to the toilet!!! When he came back, he was literally walking with his legs intertwinned hahahah!!!!!!

Tiring, but fun seriously!!! looking at them having fun, i was damn happy too. Cliche as it sounds but the customer's happiness is ours too. The whole gang of japanese!!!! Imagine that!!! I was stirring my head to understand what they were talking about but its good too, I can use some revision`~~ The crowd today was real nice! They were smiling, actually none of them frowned at all. Just when i was serving hot tea in the vip room, the lady got frightened when her boyfriend scared her once i accidentally dropped few drips of hot tea on the floor coz it was a little too smooth on the tatami.

The best part of being in a Japanese restuarant is.... when the customers were gone, they leave us with whole loads of FOOOOD!!!! The Kabe today was splendid!!! After we send them home, with them playing"London Bridge is falling DOwn" with us, so super sporting man, its Gochisou time!!! I had scallops, udon, sashimi and all... super duper yummy. Yes, you may think im cheap enough to take left overs but seriously, i have to admit Rakuzen is goooooD~~~~~ And if u add up every table's food, whoa its like a new dish man~~~ So full, i do not need another dose back at home~~~~

So, its fun working in here!!! Tiring, but fun!!! The crew are super nice and cute too!!!! So, now i re-intro my crew~~~:::

Mama-Nam(super nice but strict at times~~` She bring food for US!!!! good manager!)
Jane-(Really nice, like an elder sister... quite pretty but she is married~~~~)
Siu Ping-(The cool, cold but warm senior... She is fun at times too!!! but she like to tease lar)
Abey-(cute, a litle plump and real nice senior.. Her words are bombastic mann... In canto though)
Junee-(someone like nam though, they are more or less the same lar)
Thuya-(the funny philipino, quite cute and good looking, but tends to compare his height and mine too much)
Paul-(the super duper nice philipino guy~~~ seriously, he is like a brother figure!!!Really like em!!!)
Ellie-(the bangladeshy, but i still thinks that she is a thai!! Funy, cute and sexy , learning japanese tooo!!! She is very nicE~~~~)
Yupa-(the pregnant lady, and trust me, same kitchen with her you laugh whole day~`~)
Kame-san-(the head chef, whoa this jap knows BM!!! Imagine that!!! BMMMMM!!! Of all languages !!! Seriously, he was so cool!!!! Kakosugiru!!!!)

Real uniform, loks abit plump though coz the shirt jagging out, new slim photo cumming~~

So, you know why i love my job now? Seriously love it!!! Tiring but the time passes really fast.. The day ends so quickly!!! The hustle and bustle~~~ Love the atmosphere~~~
People..... i feel like im a workaholic now~~~~

Signing Off,

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