Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ong Lai~~!!!!!

Well just finished helping my dad to put up some decor in my house... one of the very important elements in the celebration of Chinese New Year, which i will be celebrating in around 21 more hours... Since im a Hokkien(one of the branches of chinese people, which consist of several "gangs" such as Cantonese, Hokkien, Teo Chew, Hakka, Shang hai, Hainanese) Pineapple, in hokkien called "ong lai" which an exact pun for "Rich come" in hokkien too really fits in alot of partion in the decors in my house and so i was helping my dad to set them up. Thanks loads to my height and physique, i successfully hung up all the decors in the living room without the usage of the ladder.. haha self-praising and self-indulging~~~

So then... i went to mom's room with bro to ge our new year's shirts and pants on the go, and the fashion starts... this time i am much more confident in choosing my outfits as i am not as fat as i was in the past ten years (tears flowing~) wow i can't believe myself!!!! i mean i can FIT into all the shirts i bought... and i can even fit into the one my dad couldn't!!!! Finally some CONFIDENT in myself!!! Guess all the hard work and advices willy gave really worked!!! at least 45 minutes jogging 3 times per week~ though i cut down to 30 minutes, but the speed increased from 5 to 6 in constant~ and my belly lose quite a few inches~~~ thanks Willy!!!

And now back to work again... seriously Malaysians are such killers... they always visit the place a few days before the BIG holidays starts... To wear all the workers down... Phew~ Today was really tiring... Its like the customers keep pouring in every time one table was cleared... But.. it means more INSENTIVE for me so guess the hard work pays!!! And today was also the big cleaning as we will be closing for three days... We are chinese and we need break also ok~~~ And we ended the day with a Yee SAng!!! Rakuzen Style!!!! HOly crap their Yee Sang are not the Ciplak like in the chinese restaurants.. You can see and take the HUGE salmon right out of the huge plate by itself!!! Japanese style.. Splendid~!!!

Back to leng chais and leng luis... not much today because i was so busy all the time... Washing, serving, teaing... Talk about tea... I can't believe there was no WATER today!!! Oh my fucking god!!! I could hardly make any green tea for the customers and they were freaking pissed off!!! Lucky my super duper cute angelic smile turn them off their heat when i refilled the empty ocha cups...(self indulging again~) So.. leng chais i have spotted one... but too bad his family was kind of the cool-rich type which rarely smiles at you.. so i didn't bother to approach their table, plus his sister looked like some shit oni.. my humble opinion lar.. and there were freaking noisy kids around... i don't mind if they play and run around and all but i super hate it when they cry and their parents don't give a damn thing about it... Fuck those parents~~~~ My supervisor was also pissed off and asked them to leave as they had already paid the bill and done dining... and plus they were kinda "destroying" the ambience around??? Anyways, i support my supervisor fully~~~

Last but not least, im having my reunion dinner tonight... Its 3.32 a.m. now... Time to say Gong Hei Fatt Choi to all chinese in the globe may your Ox year starts with a Bull-Eyes~ Hit your way through 2009 and may you be well and happy always~ I think i should hit the hay right now...

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