Monday, January 5, 2009

Rakuzen - - - - Irashaimase!

First day of work! WhoAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Haha can't believe it though. After 17 years of living on planet earth, i'm now officially tagged, "EMPLOYED" haha still remember whta pn chong an pn wong said before, if you are student and you are not contributing to the country's/world's economy, you are considered and "menganggur". What the heck was that? We were having SPM back then. Owh well, its over, now we have to patiently wait for the result don't we?

So, I went there, met Kame-san the chief chef in the restaurant. Nope, I'm doing service, not kitchen haha.. Though I've got to say, they had to put the kitchen's uniform on me as they do not have anymore sizes of uniform for the servicing. They expected me to fit, "M". Excuse me, even if it was L, I doubt I could barely lift my hands in the air. Anyway...

The crew were super duper nice!!! The whole feeling and atmosphere was as if back in the high school days, being in the same room with my fellow prefects and mates doing duty together. It was hectic, yet and most importantly it was FUN!!!! Seriously!!! I had fun putting my hands on the dessert, serving the customers, getting batches and batches of ocha(greentea) done! It was really satisfying! And my collegues, they ARE SUPERB!!!! There are 2 Philipinos, Paul and Thuya, they are quite handsome though, but not the super star kind lar.. And there was Elle, a bangladeshy. BANGLADESH!!!! Can you imagine that??? She was freaking fair!!!! I knew she was a foreigner, and I thought she was a Thai cause she was fair, but not BANGLADESH!!!!!! HAHAHAHHA!!!. Yet, the bosses around, meaning the supervisor and manager were Malaysian chinese, Nam and Jane. They were really nice too!

So, the jobscope, was to remember which colour was the menu, setting the table, getting the customer drinks and also serving them. And I like the fact that they have these really cool shoes lockers, where you put them into the locker and take a wooden plate out of them. It was uber cool!!!! Trust me, if you wanna work here, brace youself. The place is like a typical literature component. They have their beginning, developement, climax and ending. The beginning is when the whole placwe was really quite, and the developement is when there are one or two customers were around. And the climax, is when there are at least 3 tables full, and their orders just comes bustling out from the elevator like no one's business!!! You barely have time to think about your thirst, hunger or even the time for settings!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAH , yet the pressure was really fun! It was back to the time when we panic in events as prefects and all the hard works we went through together. Seriously.

And, I ended the day with cleaning up the place, sweeping and mopping the tatami floors. Brilliant day it was, though i had to complain about the rigidity of the shifts. But, i'm a part timer, that's what we do.. Did I mentioned that we have free food? The sashime salad was super duper nicE!!!!!! I mean, we weren'ty EXACTLY given though. It is when the customer have some wrong orders, we get the food! Cool huh? I got that in my first day!!! Haha, bet I will have loads more in the future!!!

And one more thing, don't ask me about discounts. Seriously, I have no idea~~~ Yet, trust me the managers here are super nice. They give free desserts~~~~ So enjoy your stay here if you are coming~~~~

My uniform~~~ PS:Its the kitchen uniform i'm wearing, getting new one tomorrow~~~

Signing Off,

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