Friday, January 23, 2009

Freaking Customers

I am complaining.. but i am some how happy about it too~~~ guess what yesterday and today was the busiest moments of RAKUZEN SS15 for the month of January 2009!!!! Seriously.. the whole place was packed!!! Only yesterday night, the upper floor(because the rakuzen im working in have 2 storeys, and im working on the top one) managed to earn RM10,000++ worth of Japanese cusiens in 5 hours' time!!! Imagine that!!!! I was walking up and down to serve and all till i didn't had the time to think about thirst nor hunger!!!! Seriously, i found out i was dehydrated (not exactly though) only when i peed and my urine was totally sunset yellow... SUNSET YELLOW!!!! hows that??? guess my ADH hormone has been working really well and my kidney had really stressed up.. time to drink more green tea at work to reduce my water pressure~~~

haha may sound gay but i saw 3 leng chai today kakakakka.... plus a really cute little boy (around 3 to 5 i think) and when he was jumping up and down i was laughing like crazy..(sauyeoooow~~) But as we know, in Subang Jaya, where most people despise gay relationships, the leng chais normally have leng luis beside them as their girl friend... Yet, i kinda made eye contact with 3 of them and they were quite nice too kakakakkaka. And 2 of them were customers and one was my collegue who is working in the kitchen department.. Guess what? H is same age as i do!!! Can you believe that?? And i knew it only 2day!!! Well, i only dared to speak to him today after 3 weeks working in Rakuzen because I thought he was the cool type.. So today i was a little nice, when he was fetching some ice for water, i volunteered to get him some, even when i was busy (coz the kitcheners get water form upstairs.. so.. i need to do the dirty work as we waiters are more presentable than the chefs And his answer was Thank you ar~) with the really soft whiney voice.. I mean how normal nice girls say thank you lar.. and i flushed.. So i didn't dared to look into his eyes and said sure no problem~ >.<

Ok that was the leng chai part... now i don't see any leng luis today coz all of them were wearing FREAKIN thick make ups over their petty faces... what is the point???!!! Foundation is more than enough ( to me) and additional lip stick is ok~ but they were wearing soo thick~~~ but i only took noticed of two lady customers.. One was my scouter's girl friend.(li choong he is my penolong pemimpin daerah petaling how's that????!!!) and a hokkien native girl.

My scouter's arrival was really pressuring... i had his pressure as his underling back in high school and now coincidencely he is my customer today... omgdness... i was liking deep-breathing every moment i step near their corner... but later his gril friend was really nice nough to make me relax so it was ok in the end.. She was really nice and cute and really the poppy type of girl.. no wonder my scouter likes her.. but his personality was kinda 180 degress different as he is the unpredictable type because his facial expression rarely change, and his smiles maybe be nice and lethal~ she wished me happy new year when she was leaving~ nice girl.. And the hokkien girl was very funny too!!! When i asked for her drinks she was like.." eh eh i only know green tea is o-cha.. what is hot and what is cold ar??" luckily im a japanese literal employee and i was able to explain the names...Atsui ocha = hot green tea while Tsumetai ocha= cold green tea so she was recalling it throughout her stay... hehe Satisfaction~~~

Thats about my working these two days... tiring but really satisfying!!! its like my life has a purpose now!!! But now.. i am really depressed~ bloggers.. i feel like my life has no true meaning any more for now... I have no one to talk to.. no one to share my thoughts or feelings with... Im changing my blog address to prevent my friends from knowing me.. and im disconnecting my connections to the outside world now.. form msn, phone calls and messages... im trying to dive deep in my heart to find out who i am right now.. so please bloggers, if you have any suggestions, do drop them~~~ well... thanks to this blog.. im free to be who i am.. may i be able to dive deeper and find my meaning of life...

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