Monday, December 29, 2008

Of Os, Bs, and ABs, Zen 5

Haha... have been thinking of how to continue the whole thing though... finally got some ideas, old school though but lets hope i can spin stuffs around~~~

The thunder started to strike from the blackened sky. The flashes were strong enough that it made the darkest alleys clear and bright. The cab I was taking sped towards the hotel along the liquid-slippery road, splashing water from the radiating puddles of rain. The droplets of rain smashed really hard on the windows of the cab, clouding my vision towards the outside world. Yet, the fog thickened in my head was more intense. What would Suane possibly need in this hour? I looked into the Xperia, as the white digital clock was showing 1 o clock in the morning. I scratched my head and think harder. As I sediment myself into deep thoughts, the taxi driver spoke, telling me that we had arrived the destination. I gave him a thousand yen, without asking for the change I sped into the hotel. The lobby was rather bright for it has passed midnight, I took out my Xperia to check the received calls. I called the number, but there was no answer. I tried few more times but it resulted the same. I got upset and panicked at the same time. She Clled me, and she didn’t pick up the phone now. What could have happened to her? What was the problem? I walked in circles and tried to figure out everything.

As I aimlessly walked to the entrance, I saw a person standing in the rain. It wasn’t very clear as the rain was pounding really hard. I opened the door and take a clear picture of who was that. It was a lady. ‘Excuse me lady, if you continue to loiter under this weather you will catch a cold! Or worse a lightning may get you!’ She turned around, and stared at me. I glared at her, only found out that she was wearing the exact same outfit as Suane back in the hospital. I wasn’t sure if she was really Suane, but I dashed into the hotel to get an umbrella, then went and get her. As I ran towards her in the splashing rain, the person suddenly collapsed. I threw away the umbrella and quickly held her in my arms. Oh no, it IS SUANE!!!

I carried her in my arms and ran as fast as I could into the hotel. ‘Can someone get me towel and call 911 at the same time? Please this lady over here fainted!’ I sounded and laid her on the sofa in the lounge. My voice echoed in the air and every soul in the lobby turned their face towards me. One of the receptionist started to do the calling as a few sped and got me towels for drying, The rain water dripped from the top of my head into the socks. Suane was pale and her body was shivering. The waitress passed me a towel as she start to dry Suane. She wiped Suane’s hair as another waitress started to dry the water off Suane’s body. I ran to the reception counter and ask for her hotel number. Out of astonishment, they claimed they have no record of her registration.

I requested for a recheck but they gave me the same answer. Gosh, how’d she called me just now? Where is the luggage? The next second I heard the ambulance’s siren radiating in the air. I went towards Suane and carried her up. The paramedics got hold of her and laid her on the stretcher, then brought her into the ambulance. I tagged along as none of her relatives are around, ending up with me as her sole friend, excluding Sein of course. They checked her pulse and heart beat, then found out that they were normal. I was afraid that her asthma would attack again so I urged them to allow me for the check up. I did the check up thoroughly, lending one of their sthethoscope to check in with Suane’s condition. Thank goodness she was fine. Yet, she still need to enter a ward to have a full scale check.

The white van finally reached the hospital, and Suane was sent to the emergency ward instantly. As I wasn’t holding any ID I can only witness her sending into the curtained room, waiting impatiently outside the room. Fifteen minutes was as long as my 3 hours operations. Now I’d finally know how it feels waiting for someone to be operated or checked in the theatre. Sucks, really. After another long fifteen minutes, the curtain finally opened. She was doctor Kizakura. ‘She had a fever now. That heavy rain really put a hard pressure on her. She will need 3 day’s ward to recuperate herself.’ After that statement, she pulled me to a corner. ‘Mr Trelance, I’m not sure if I should tell you this. But during the check up, we found out that she had sexual intercourse. The thing is, she had bruises over her body. So, I’d suggest to talk to her and see if you want make a police report. I’m sure you couldn’t have do this to her. See you later.’ And she strode off.

I walked slowly along the corridors of the hospital. The snowy white painted walls made the whole atmosphere even gloomier as it had been. Questions swirled like colliding air molecules heated in 100 degrees’ hear. How could that have happened? What am I suppose to say or talk when I see her? How am I suppose to ask her to talk about it? And I finally reach her room. Number 329. I grabbed the knob and twisted it as the door swung open slowly, making a cracking jitter. I stepped in and saw her. She was staring at her palms wide opened. The lights weren’t switched on and the only source of shine was the full moon’s lit that night, showering her through the opened curtains. She wasn’t sobbing, nor did she realized my presence.

I walked towards her, and sat on the arm chair laid beside her patient’s bed. I switched on the light with a click beside her bed. She jumped, turned her head slowly to her right and looked at me. Her eyes were lifeless. She looked like she has got her life sucked out of herself. I frowned and gave her a really weak smile. ‘You are alright, you are safe. Just take a rest, ok?’ She continued staring at me. I didn’t know what to do. She is the first patient whom I had shared experiences before. I couldn’t give any advice at all. The silence continued until the door opened again. The nurse brought a basket of fruits as I asked her to. She laid it on the table opposite the toilet, and told me that the doctor will be checking her tomorrow morning 7 o’clock. I nodded and stood up slowly as the nurse leave the room and shut the door with a soft click. Slowly, I reached the basket and unwrapped it.

‘Binn, can you bring the basket over?’ I hesitated but she insisted on it. I didn’t want her to get upset anymore than she had and brought it towards the bed. I slid the mobile table towards her bed and aid the basket of fruits on it. ‘Can you please wash these in the toilet for me please? I want to slice some fruit for us,’ as she passed me a handful of apples and pears. I nodded and answered ‘ok’ and walked into the toilet to wash them There is one thing I know about Japan’s tap water is that it is safe and clean enough to be consumed without any filter. I washed them slowly until and heard a “thump” as if someone collapsed.

“Suane?” I asked as I walked out of the toilet. She was on the floor, with a knife on her left hand, her right wrist blasting out with blood.

Foolish thing for Suane to do isn't it? owh well... i was thinking of letting her to die off like that haha... thx again for those who've read and sorry, my chinese still over power my english kakakaa....

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