Saturday, April 7, 2012

Buffetting : Destine-d?

I have always been told I will become a boss, some day.

My grandmother said I will be one because when I was born I'm sitting/sleeping like the boss pose.

And then there are several multiple individuals telling me a have the "boss" look, wonder where the heck I got that from.

Today when I went for my facial, the lady told me once again, I will become a boss.

"WILL" is such a huge word.

But then again, does the "boss" they meant was just between the people I deal with in my academic lives?

There are 2 occasions I was referred to as the boss, the people from UPM and also the ones from my high school.

I have yet to become the boss among my group in Monash, but I'm already the so-to-speak PBL leader, close enough to the be the boss around.

And apparently my theme among the group is;

"Can we settle this first? We will do that later."

Like a boss.

Somehow I have to take charge because everyone in the group is just hyper.

So, am I really "destined" to become a boss?

Seeing either route of tertiary education I pick, the possibilities of me becoming a boss is quite slim.

Seriously, maybe until like after 15 to 20 years?

Hmm, I think I want to be a young boss over an old one.


  1. I'm more than happy to work under u if u ever proceed with ur plan to open a hospital xD

    1. An animal hospital maybe? First in subang!

    2. hahaha..need to take into account the abundance of vet clinic around if want to avoid the risk of loss in long-run xD

      animal...the only animal that I will ever encountered in my research is mice..even that costs around RM1K for one mice >_< die die lo..haha

    3. well, who knows in the future you might find vaccines or stuffs like that for other animals? Mouse is the basic mammalian animal, so anything usable on it might as well be useful to other animals at different dosages!

      as for vet clinic, oh well, there's like 3 around subang only, but they are all REALLY old. Like by the time I graduate they'd probably retiring already? Plus, they are doing small animal, I'm looking at all types!

    4. it is interesting to include animal in study. I learnt immunology during ugrad and it was one fascinating field but for now, the grant granted for my research is really small..not even 50K >_< and need to take into account limited time @.@

      that is indeed very old. I don't know how the prospect of such investment in malaysia but believe it will be a good one in big city =) might as well incorporate animal shelter as well. got one near my place here and it costs around 30-40 bucks per DAY for a cat xD

    5. shit, grants are like damn hard to get I heard. Good luck with the distribution, though i really have no idea how they work XD

      animal shelter would be cool! there's a SPCA Subang already, maybe I will opt for another when I'd actually established an animal hospital XD wonder what kind of animals people bring into a hospital in a city! takkan bring cattles into subang kot?

    6. am trying to secure another one...current grant wont even last for a year, let along till me finish in 2 years..haha

      u know how exotic ppl be when it comes to pet. so it's not only cat/dag, the normal pet. ppl do pet some strange one like the snake one, iguana, fishie. society thought when vet, cat and dog only..hahahaa

      if cattle, u the one that go to the farm..can charge more lo XD

    7. 9haha seriously good luck with the grant!!! 50k is really little though, I heard PhD students get like a million for their grants

      Yea I know! I have a vet badminton uncle who rares stuffs like python and all~ So yea, i wish to be one of the people who can change people of their mindset about vets are all about cats and dogs

      actually cattle farms earn lesser in extend to city small animals, because farmers are not willing to pay more. But I'm looking at dairy cattle, so should be better XD

  2. Ok, I shall call you boss from now on :D

    1. pffft, another circle of friends calling me boss? I ain't giving you any salary though~

    2. Then what you want from me? Free milk and cheese in the future isit?

  3. "Can we settle this first?" << I think you use that line quite often. And yes, they tend to get hyper. Annoyingly hyper. No manners kinda hyper and they have actually pissed off a lot of seniors and two lecturers so far. Not a good start for them really.

    And maybe you're destined to become a boss, boss. :P

    1. whoa seriously they pissed of lotsa of seniors and 2 lecturers? ok lets settle that in the email.

      and im destined to be a boss? Please don't start, not you too.