Sunday, April 1, 2012

Buffetting : Not Interested

I've been talking to like almost all the people around me, except for my family about this.

I have absolutely no interest in what I'm doing now!

Pharmacology aside, cause it totally rocks my world, the other part of the course is nothing but mere chores to me.

I have like a gallon worth of notes yet to be digested, and here I am blogging my way off.

Isn't this a sign that I'm not one bit aware and care of what I'm doing?

Or is it just the premature rejection I have in me?

Weird, seriously I have lost all adrenaline.

I'm keeping up with assignments and all just because I have to do it, not I want to. At least from where I see it.

All the med students in my course keeps on saying that they ain't studying well, but I'm sure they will score like shit.

As for me, I live up to my words. I am NOT studying, much.

Integrative medicine and law, here I come, at least for a while just to cover my guilt for not paying attention or care about it.


  1. your head sure is lying between a rock & a hard place. since you're already where you are, just bear with it & do whatever it takes to get by. no point looking at UPM now & wonder what it could have been.

    it looks like there are no winners here - just different grades of losing!

    1. Another 6 more weeks, I presume.

      As for UPM, I am not willing to give up, at least not yet. This is THE turning point of my life. To live like what I would my life would be, and probably life like hell; or to live like what people expect me to be, and probably life like hell too, I need to decide.

      If I take medicine, It really seemed as if I'm under subjected to people's medicine all the time and it will eat me up inside. I do not want that thought to prevail, because it did in my previous experiences.

      Different grades of losing, well true. But I will have to find the route to success eventually.