Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buffetting : It's All in the Genes

Naah, as much as I have engaged a love-hate relationship with genetics in the university now, I ain't talking about them. Prof Maude will prolly kill me if she comes across this.

Anyway, we were talking about how the new stream and old stream "races" come about.

If you take a good observation with the people around you, especially in Malaysia you can actually differentiate the people of each races over here into 2 streams, the new and the old streams.

Lets take Chinese for an example.

An old stream chinese, will probably associate much closer to what we called Ah Bengs and Ah Lians over here in Subang, and most of the time closely bound to the culture of Lala aka Failed Japan-izing.Blonde hair, long hair flapping over their faces covering over their eyes, stuffs like that; though lala and old stream Chinese may be mutually exclusive.

Another subculture of the old stream Chinese is their look, most of the time REALLY slanted eyes aka SEPET in BM, and their faces are somewhat closer to the mainland Chinese. Prone to speak Mandarin over English, and probably limited mastery of languages other than Mandarin, due to their Chinese education background.

The new stream chinese, is probably associated with what we called Bananas over here. They look like Chinese in the outside, with their fair skin and oriental looks, but with zero Chinese education background. Meaning, limited close to no Mandarin knowledge yet with fascinating command over, English.

In fact, they'd look different. They portray a much "new stream" look without the shadows of the past traditional old stream Chinese. Sometimes more confident, and less "sepet-ness" in their eyes, the way they walk is much less "back-hunching" compared to the old stream Chinese.

The same theory goes to the other races of Malay and Indian, in fact it is so much more obvious in Indians in my opinion compared to all other races. By the look into their face, I can determine if the Indian is an old or new stream Indian.
So are you an old or main? I was told in several occasions that I'm superly BANANA-looking, though I have yet to know the reason. I can speak fluent Mandarin and bitch please, I have SPM Mandarin Language okay? It's like Singaporean university level Mandarin. Yet, first look people still claims that I'm a freaking banana. Though I do have the sepet-ness in my eyes, puffed up by my excess adipose tissues.

Then it went on to how tall I am, and its so un-old stream Chinese.

I was leaving a comment in Danny's, when he asked if I were to be foreign-blooded.

As a matter of fact, I am actually 1/8th Portuguese.

From my paternal side. That explains the extra large limbs and other parts of the bodies which shall not be discussed.

Oh and the wavy hair.

It's kinda weird, to know that I'm actually a hybrid. But then again, I'm pretty sure my paternal side is quite the typical Chinese family.

So what do you have in your genes to be shared?


  1. maybe because the way u carry urself around that make ppl think that u are banana xD

    although i never ask my parent nor they explain anything, i believe my maternal side has a huge chunk of chinese gene somewhere in their chromosome =P my grandma look lot like chinese, my mom and sister have half the look while me, let just say i'm bored of getting mistaken as chinese too..haha xP

    1. hmmm, maybe. time to be even more banana now~ XD

      so you ain't chinese?

    2. hahahaha...true enough..at least u can eavesdrop when ppl think u cant understand mandarin xD hehe

      dont tell me even my writing make ppl think i am chinese too now xP hahahahha...if according to this land constitution, i am not chinese but i find it's hard to associate myself with the race on my IC =)

    3. all the time, like seriously. eavesdropping on CINA have been my all time favorite past time XD

      uhm, i don't know? I never really thought about it though. hmm, I guess you are a native then? i mean in your IC and all

    4. hahahahaha...tried to learn mandarin once but fail miserably..why so hard to remember all strokes...if only the exam in pinyin xD hahahaha

      I am malay on paper but i find it hard to associate with the one in this land currently >_< haih, oh well

    5. pffft, its in pinyin if you are in kindergarden! i have no comment, cause mandarin's in mah blood XD

      hard to associate? Do tell!

    6. i can memorize it better in pinyin compared to those wriggly stroke one..hehe

      haha..i'm proud of my heritage, no doubt bout that but I ashamed of the people that been trying to marginalize others and perpetuate the idea of superiority of my race and mass media make it worse...stupid people..cant say too much..later i got caught under akta hasutan =P haha

    7. duuh, pinyin is the basics!

      i love your heritage!its the mindset of the old dimdouches that I despise! oh well, at least the younger gens are aware of this

  2. ..and other parts? XD

    hmm. remind me to take a good look at you the next time I see you. Never really focused much on you.

    1. yea yea lets not get there okay?

      wtheck, I feel so offended! So there are OTHER people that you actually focused on ALL the TIME? Hmm....

    2. I'm curious now. VERY curious XD

      hahahaha. ew ew. too young! ew.

    3. hold it right there~ it's incest rmb? even though we are like in different course batch but still.

      you mean the fellas in my group? Oh well. Who knows? Stuffs happen

    4. bitch please. it only applies to the same batch only. if it applied to everyone, then what have i been doing last year?!

      hahaha. well there WAS one who I THOUGHT WAS quite okay. But meh.

    5. ppffffffttt. who cares man. last yr was but a mistake you did

      WAS? hmm, I wonder who can it be? Hint? XD

    6. >_>

      i plan to repeat the same "mistake" next year okay!

      tall :P

    7. ass hole. stop repeating "mistakes" ait? blonday~~

      tall? Hmm, I thought you ain't into people younger than you? And tall certain mean prolly the youngest among US

    8. They're "mistakes" and not mistakes for a reason!

      I'm not into him okay! I just thought he sort of looked attractive. He has the potential to be hotter.

    9. pfft, i wonder what sorta reasons can make people repeat their mistakes over their lives.

      attractive.. hmm... okay now im so lost with the people you are attracted to.

    10. you make me sound like a slut ):

  3. i got mata sepet !
    trying very hard to be the new while staying old... confusing horr? ;p
    wondering what is the other part...hehehe ;p

    1. haha ok la, not THAT sepet also. The typical sepet is god-dang sepet like Cina cina sepet. Very hard to explain, will post a photo if i find any.

      Be new while staying old, I get what you mean. I'm staying in between also, don't wanna give up my roots XD

      other part ar? For me to know, for you to find out lah.

  4. Herm... Old or New... guess both have its qualities and inferiority, maybe not inferiority, but disadvantages... would it be awesome to be able to move between the two? :P

    1. its awesome to move between both! Provided you can swap personalities at some point , easily. True to the pros and cons, that' why I kinda like having the best of both worlds XD

  5. Hmmm... So what am I?
    (I think you'll say I'm a 'cina' Chinese, but I'm still curious whether I'm right or not)

    I'm not sepet, but I speak Mandarin most of the time(because most of my close friends speak Mandarin) nevertheless, I'm not too bad at English either. I have an A in SPM Chinese, as well as in English. I don't dress like a 'seafood', but I doubt I'm very western either. I've been mistaken as a banana, but I've also been thought as a person whose main language is Mandarin and couldn't speak English well.

    Oh dear I love this! How interesting isn't it? :D
    So what do you think am I? :P

    1. Hmm, this would be tough. You've been part of my life in which I've known you to be heavily chinese-backgrounded.

      Mandarin books, strong chinese affinity, uhm Cina friends?

      Of course you do also have the Banana friends, but it was the Cina figure which comes first if I were to think of you. If its Jer Renn then its Banana. Probably its because of the emphasis you put along the days I've known you? like you kinda prioritize Mandarin(to me) as compared to Jer Renn who prioritize English.

      You would be the close to old-new stream border line to me, I'm probably 1 extra step towards the new stream, but pete knows what's going to happen in a few year's time, I might head a few steps towards the older instead.

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