Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Buffetting : FB Friending

What takes you to click the "Approve" button on the system?

Does it take just a few chats over the air?

Or does it take a few days of interaction?

IT's weird, because I've always been in programs, 2 programs which have a large number of students in either course, close to more than 100.

And of course its impossible to know everyone.

But, it is not impossible for everyone to know you.

Especially when you are the sole person doing something something.

In my case, when I was in vet school, I was the person might be changing to med school, the person who screamed his lungs out during orientation, the person who drives to university, and possibly the person who the lecturers actually gossip over.

So, I don't know everyone who added me, but everyone who added me knows me.

This happens today again in med school. But I certainly have no idea how people knows me. Probably because I'm the only STPM taker in our course. Some even claimed that I'm "famous" for what exactly? Being one of the largest and tallest breed in the course?

Hmm, maybe.

I don't know how people know me, but I certainly don't know them yet. They just add me over FB, probably just after I said morning to them, or just a few smile streaked over the air.

I mean, if you want to add me over FB, at least talk to me first. Like a proper chat session will do.

It takes more than a few smiles and several "Good Morning" to be a friend.

A friend means more than just that. At least to the people I "see" everyday, but don't interact with.

That's why I have a whole long list of KIV friends in FB.

Until we interact enough, na ah. I'd probably considering to ignore some now too.

Plus, I'm not staying for long.


  1. lol, same here. i usually will ignore the fren request if i don know who is it, unless they msg me, at leasttrying to talk to me or something. =/ does tat sound cocky? i hope not >__<

    1. Haha its ok cause its what I'm doing too! And I thought I sounded cocky also. BTW I DID add you on FB! Why la didn't approve!

    2. you did? == where? when?

      LOL, did you msg me? =p

    3. i did! like multiple times this week because I was so bored XD

      LOL need to msg one ar? okok i msg now hahahahzhah

  2. uni is one thing...high school friend is another especially unknown junior which i nvr talk to xD

    1. omgosh! High school juniors are the weirdest!!! Its like i had never talked to them before and they add me. i was like, do you even know how i speak at all??


      omg I wonder what our seniors think of us. haha though ever since I "grew up", I never went around adding ppl anymore. lol

    3. Hmm, I don't add people from the seniors' legion when I stepped into lower 6, and that was when I started FB account. Plus, its not like I'm close to some of them to begin with, so screw it. Might as well focus on people who I know instead!