Monday, February 20, 2012

Buffeting : Random rants

Its 1 am in the midnight and I should totally hit the hay by now. No thanks to early driver duties and also orientation week.

Living through orientation with another bunch of strangers again, well I was pretty much more cautious and laid back compared to what I did back in UPM.P

Plus, in private institutions, most of the time its about $ over Energy. Most of the time.

2 Days before I stepped into Monash, there was this meet up with the 2ndary school acquaintances to celebrate one of their birthday.

Apparently, no matter which circle I live in, I live as a Boss.

Is it that I do really boss people around that obviously? Or it is true that I indeed attained more experience to know what's going on around easier?

When the B-word dropped in, I was totally unaware because I was never theirs at the first place. The only place I was the boss was in UPM, and now its nothing but history.

Boss material much? I hope so. Eying for a new hospital under my wings, but don't want to run it miserably. Maybe I can start a human-animal integrated hospital.

Dreams again~

Anyway, attend Combat class again today under the intermediate level(i think) and its good to see those familiar faces from the other days' classes.

What makes me wonder, was the puniness of the circle. You people know what I mean. Those who don't skip this part.

Facebooking a person's name up was so easy, and you can see all these mutual friends popping and Ah-Ha, you're the one.

But that proves that I'm not being focused enough in classes. Taking peeks and noticing others, just like what I did in the meditation retreat similarly reflects how easily distracted I can get.

When that I happens, I go talking to myself again.

You are here to work out. Nothing more, nothing less. Deal?

Whether or not you can mingle into the circle, or wish to mingle into them, let time play its part.

Do not be too ambitious, you've fallen once, learn from it.

I'm a worry wort I know. My failing record literally carved these phobias into me.

So once again, stay focused. Remember, no lovey dovey till 30.

You've got to work extra hard and take the solitary road if you wish to outshine others.



To be part of it or not, maybe when time comes, your body will react by instincts.

Gosh sometimes I just hate my life.


  1. You seem very stressed. Hope you feel better soon. (:

    1. a lil. It's a new adjustment whole again, and I thought I had a good circle of peers back then, its time to fit into a new one.

      not to mention circles of friends in other activities

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! good luck with UPU and your vet discovery! Kinda envious you've gotten down to what you love in life.