Friday, April 13, 2012

Buffetting : Names for Pets

I stumbled across this in FB via American Veterinary Medical Association.

I totally gagged my way off the list.

My favorite was:

Lord Godrick Von Mousenberg

Seriously, I wonder what kind of species was that animal. Mouse? Rat? Or maybe its just a Cat?

I've heard a few funny ones when along my life, eg:

Wasabi for an orangutan

Zinfandel(wine name) for cat

Nyanga for Lioness

Lord Louise for cat also.

As for my pets, I had 5, but 3 passed away because of 3 different accidents, all male pups.

My first one was Hachi(ハチ), named her after the number 8 in Japanese. Remember the famous movie Hachi? I never knew the dog existed, and it was like super famous among Europeans. But apparently Hachi is also called as BEE in Japanese, so my Japanese teacher thought I liked honey a lot.

Later when she got banged by a neighboring dog, she got pregnant and gave birth to 4 pups.

The eldest was named Mako(マコ), because of her M shaped white mark on her chest. It probably because a larger mark over the years.

The 2nd one was named Ichiro(イチロ), because he had only one slit of white mark on his shining coat of black fur when he was born. He passed away because he got strangled to death by his ELDER SISTER tied to the chain. Great right?

The 3rd one was named Hiro(ヒロ), because he had a wide white mark on his chest over his black fur. He passed away because he got rolled over by a car while he was 2 months' old.

The 4th and last one was named Yukito(ユキト), because he had more white spots around his black coat of fur than all his other siblings. He passed away first, and he died immediately when he got knocked by my sister when she reversed her car.

Sad I know, but I enjoyed naming my pups in Japanese. If I ever get new pets in the future, I think I will stick with Japanese, or German.

Lord Jorg Von Canineburg.



  1. Those poor pups =(!!! It seems as though their lives are just like baby turtles >_>!!

    1. Tell me about it. I was so devastated and at one point i swore i didn't want to have any offsprings in the future!

  2. walau!!! dont la so negative until like tat.... no one will chain the baby till nor anyone would let the baby crawl around the lawn and gets knocked down by a car >_>!!

    1. yea i lived out of that already la. People change over the years, according to the monk i speak. He asked me to think carefully because we change, from one second to another.

      Still, we got chance meh? Most prolly adopt lor, but I think i will go for surrogate mother XD

    2. Hahahaha! If you can find one surrogate mama, please introduce ok? :D

    3. seriously arr? its like the surrogate mom's a sow or something, and we are sharing a same wife literally! WTHECK hahahah

    4. It's okay... im not really that particular about it :P! Then at least our kids have cousins or somesort LOL

    5. More like brothers or some sort. Same mom different dad. Shit, polygamy???!!!

  3. This post reminds me of that episode in Glee where it features Brittany's cat, Lord Tubbington.

    1. yea! the name was damn funny also! oh oh princess diaries fat louise!