Thursday, April 5, 2012

Buffetting : Self-Coaxing

Walking along the streets seemed to be a lil harder task these days.

Reason being, probably I'm too free to observe the people around me.

Especially when you spot potential "other-half"s.

But, I realized I have talking to myself a lot in my mind, sometimes in the car just to coax myself;

It is not the time yet to think of these feeble matters, what is important is to get myself into a career pathway which I will, and need to be satisfy and happy for the rest of myself.

And I'd realized these are all suppressing factors.

What's worse, I've just been diagnosed with high blood pressure, one which is really bad.

It happened during the blood donation drive, which my hypertension sped up my blood donation at least by 100% of the time needed by normal donors.

And the Dr was saying I will prolly need to full body check up soon just to figure out the source of the unusual high BP.

I'm only 21, and I'm facing hypertension. What more down the road as a life of a doctor, and what more when I actually do not like what I might be doing?

Collectively, I should be going after something I love in live, since I might have a shorter life span due to my health.

Oh well.


  1. Oh well, short, happy life is better than a long, miserable one =)

    1. ditto that. that's why tomorrow's counseling is super important