Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buffetting : University Life

Well, time really flies and seriously, without me noticing it,


I totally had no time nor mental prep for this shit because of the 10 days retreat and 1 week HK tour!

Anyway, I'm officially now a student of Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang campus.

Year 1, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Honestly speaking, I kinda like everything here.

The community, the hostel, the faculty, sheesh now I'm having a major attachment towards my current university life.

What if I'd really like the place here?

Transition back to the very hectic and lifeless schedule of a med school might be that inviting.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't have any choice, the mom made it clear that 6 month in UPM is just an exposure, not a brainwash program.

Medicine is still the route I should look into.,,,

Well I'm ok with both ways, I mean I like dealing with human, but dealing with animals is equally interesting and fun too.

Anyway, back to UPM life.

On contrary to popular belief, UPM ain't half bad, even more for my hostel.

UPM is considered one of the top-ranked research university in Malaysia, and currently the largest university in Malaysia, cool huh?

What's more, my college of residence, Kolej 17 is the newest college in the campus, of only 5 years old and also the most modernized college; meaning apartment style with 4 rooms of 2 beds each, and also an in-apartment built toilet, hence no common toilet problem.

woot, messed up tables!

Plus, according to my engineering friend, the government "sayang" the medic students so much, the college was built to serve the students from the Vet Fac and Fac of Medicine and health sciences only, which is the fact.

So yay vet student me!
bed's on the left! and thank goodness same wavelength with my room mate, chinese somemore!

The orientation week within college was fun, and again I have this sub-conscious attention seeker trait in me, for a person who plan to have to strings attached towards this course, I've finally laid a reputable figure among the 1st year residence of the college, 351 of them, and also the seniors who ran the orientation program.
seniors teaching cheers! 17 MARI!

I have no idea, ask "super-high-Binn" who just kicks into hyper mode when it comes to stuffs like orientation. Trying hard to make an impression much? Bad, bad thing.

The seniors even created a name "Jinggo" for me, tribute to the comic drew by a Malaysian (Puppeteer) under the Malaysian comic magazine Gempak.

So yes, thanks to that, I automatically became an instant famous star among the community, which explains my affinity towards it even more.

What's worse, my housemates are now even more determined that I'm the person they should rely on , hence my name "Boss" around them.

Whenever you hear Boss among the 1st year vet boys in UPM, yeap that's me.

So far so good, no tormenting stuffs yet. The only headache would be staring at the deadlines of the assignments. We have to look ahead 14 weeks to our finals and 10 weeks to assignment deadlines and 4 weeks to our proposals.

nope, anatomy comes in 3rd sem. guess I won't be learning much.

That does not include our practical lab work reports, practical in Zoo taiping in the 4th week of my sem break and also tonnes of university activites such as Dogathon, orientation and all sorts.

Who said university life was easier than STPM?

Transition period much?

Back to busy schedule, about hong kong day 2-5, let me have a lil more time to draft them kay?


  1. Hehe. Enjoying yourself there. Im gonna post something like this too soon. Lazy and busy right now. Haha
    Cool thing you have over there, over here we got something different.

  2. Hi, I'm interested to know, did you do STPM before applying to UPM? I want to do Vet Med as well in UPM..

  3. @mynn: yes I did STPM. 3.85 cgpa. You've just finished yours?

  4. No, I'm doing A-Levels but attempting to enter UPM somehow. Any advice?

  5. @mynn: hmm, entering with A lvls will be VERY hard because you are a local. If you were to be a foreigner A lvls might do, but locals will be very hard. Though I think I have had seniors who enter by Canadian Pre-U though. I'll check it up for you. Meanwhile just try to get into matrics, stpm or foundation in UPM because these routes are the easiet.

  6. Hi, I'm actually already almost done with my A-Levels.. I only did it because an international school offered me a full scholarship..

    I've actually already applied and got offers from UK universities as well but I will only be able to go if there is a scholarship to cover the financial aspects.. so far my attempts to find one has been in vain! TT

    Do you have any advice for applying thru UPU with A-Levels? I bought the pin no already today.

    Thanks so much.

  7. @mynn: i see. so far scholarship prospects for veterinary medicine is not as abundant as medicine, when medicine is already very scarce by itself. Try harder, JPA, Hope, MCA, anything which ever that can turn out well.

    Advice, well put the first choice as vet. no others. just in case. if you want an extra option, you can always put UMK vet, though its still new and their first batch have yet to graduate. Or, you can always put one choice only. This will then give you to space for appealing if the UPU did not give you any offer.

  8. Hrmm, what is this Hope one? I've never heard of it.

    Yes, my plan is to just put UPM Vet as my one and only choice. Since I'm doing A-Levels, I don't have a CGPA to enter in the system... what do u think?

  9. @mynn: hmm, if you are applying via a lvls, i think there's a different system to it right? since there are people applying with diploma, matrics and foundation, different systems apply to diff curiculum. are you sure you are at the right one?

  10. I will contact UPU for further help, but that seems like the only option so far.

    Thanks once again! =)

  11. @mynn: alrightey! good luck in your way and hope to see you next intake then!

  12. Hi, I am currently doing diploma in animal health in UPM bintulu campus. First of all, congratulation for getting into DVM! :)
    Can I ask what are the chances for diploma students in getting to do vet degree in serdang compared to stpm and matriks student?

    1. Honestly, I have no idea! The percentages vary throughout the years, some years had more, some year had less. But the trend tells me that the number of diploma students are steadily increasing!

      STPM is always the least in number, and matrics, you know how biased UPU can get.

      DKHP is a good gateway into the DVM program, but provided your CGPA is more than 3.85 upon graudation!

  13. hi, I'm applying for vet in upm but I did not managed to take muet in time. I'll have to wait for the November session. will they throw my application aside because I don't have a muet cert now?

    1. Hmm, I have no idea how it works; before the results are usually out by July. What you should really do is to call the UPU center and ask them about MUET results and requirement. IF they are open to the idea for you to submit the results only after enrollment then you are safe.

      PS: Don't you have a MUET by last December? The results should be out by now. Why didn't you take an earlier one if you know you wouldn't be able to make it?

    2. Well, I just decided to apply to upm recently and the pin buying session for the June exam was already over. I have sent my other documents to upm already, I think I'll contact them and ask for more details. Thanks for replying :)

    3. Hmm, odd because you don't send any documents in as UPU has all your result details if you are taking STPM as Pre-U, or Matriculation for that matter.

      What Pre-U were you enrolled?

    4. Itook south Australian matriculation, it was under diploma/setaraf. after finish applying via upu, I was require to send some documents to upm

    5. Good luck, because no one I knew taking private college pre-university courses get into any of the public university courses; unless its actually under JPA or Scholars program.

  14. thanks, I'm just trying my luck, thanks again for replying XD

  15. How is life being a student of DVM?

  16. I wonder if you need an interview for DVM in UPM beforehand ? Coz am really interested in taking DVM but unsure whether they need an interview or not

    1. Hi there! Life as DVM has been fun! You should look into my "vet-school" archives to know about my vet school life!

      As for interview, in UPM there are no interview for admission, just based solely on UPU.