Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buffetting : Being Stood up

In Malaysian text, FFK(Fong Fei Kei/方飞机(canton) ) would be a much more common term.

Today was supposed to be a hike day, and I totally set my alarm to wake me up so that I can pack some stuffs 30 minutes before hand.

Even after I sent my brother to school, I suck up my headache and went ahead to the designated meet up venue anyway.

Yet, when I was there, I called 3 person, only to found out that the hike was canceled.

One had an unrecovered knee injury, another of unknown reasons.

There were 5 dudes, all 4 were informed but me.

Hey, if you really didn't think of me as one of the party, don't even bother asking at the first place.

I wouldn't be pissed off if you told me, even a hour earlier before the meet up time.

But to tell me when I was already there, and saying sorry "I forgot to inform"?

Earth to organizer, there were only 5 dudes, not 50. I think I'm one of the largest size around hardest to miss.

Fuck this shit.

I posted on Facebook and another friend asked," Dude aren't you afraid of losing friends?"

Look, if I were to be a friend, I will call my friend no matter how it is to inform something as important as a cancellation of a HIKE.

At least I will tell them an hour earlier if the event is off.

Imagine if its late at night, and it was a girl alone there.

Talk about being irresponsible.

Anyway, stopping Fb for a while now. I need some time off.

PS: Afraid of losing friends? I'm afraid I've yet to find any but a few who I can call them so.


  1. Chill chill~ Take a deeeeeeeeeeppppp breath and exhale slowly :)

    Wouldn't want to get wrinkles at such a young age aite? ^_^

  2. @alex: my whole face is already defaced by the pimples.. wrinkles? never afraid of them.. don't know why XD.

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