Sunday, July 3, 2011

Buffetting : Embracing Tradition 5

Considering me visioning myself to be the breaking tradition typo, its kinda contradictory for me to be the eldest son around the hose and picking up all the essential matters in keeping up the tradition around the house.

That includes:

1- Praying on the 1st and 15th of lunar calendar
2- Praying for the deceased ancestors on their deceased dates
3- Knowing what food to buy and what things to pick up FOR the prayers
4- Waking up freakin early in the morning to get these stuffs.
5- Be prepared to host these stuffs in my house in the future.

I can see myself keep holding up to these tradition, cause I'm somewhat a very traditional dude in some certain aspects, yet there are some traditions are meant to be broken.

Eg 1:
Burning the silver and gold papers. Seriously, spare mother earth. Maybe just for the sake of it, but not like a humongous dongous amount.

Eg 2:
Not eating beef because of Guan Yin. In my current house I respect the practice in the house, I don't take beef. But when I'm outside of the premise, sorry I take what I believe I need.

Anyway, about embracing yesterday's tradition, it was Grandpa's Death Anniversary, 2nd day of the 6th month of the lunar calender. Better jot this down here.

When it comes to these stuffs, the most important stuffs would be food.

We need to get the deceased's favorite food, in this case my grandpa loved durian, roasted pork, MILO, Da Pao(Big Bun) and all the nyonya cakes.

All these results in my and my dad's necessity to wake up in the morning to get them, setting them out in front of the altar, and cuing grandpa if he is done with his food or whatever.

It's fun to eat, but its not fun when you are the only person,(apart from my dad) who needs to take charge of all these.

MY elder sis does do some cooking, but when it's not necessary, most jobs are done by the males.

What happened to the other siblings?

Criminy I Hate being the eldest son.

And after food there's silver and golden papers folding and burning. Well, no comment about that. What we need to do is settle them FAST.

I definitely will keep up some of the tradition, or not most. It somehow keeps some identity in me, just like how I insisted on continuing my SPM Mandarin studies.

It's something in me which I do not want to lose.

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