Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buffetting : Date

So S and Y both got new dates.

The weird part is, I never really get like how dates work.

I mean, okay you and another person go on a date, but it doesn't mean that both parties are committing yet.

Yes no?

But then again, how do you start off with a date?

Just to check whether if this candidate is worth going along with for a long run?

Okay, how do you even go on a date at the very beginning at all?

When you see a person, owh dang he or she's the one*i think*, lets ask em out on a date!

That's it?

Sheesh, that's shallow, let alone boring.

Sorry if I offended you peeps who started out this way.

Haven't been out on a date before, worse, I don't think I knew it was one even I was out on one before.

Nevertheless, its just kinda weird because there ain't exactly a properly laid down societal procedure for this yet.

Oh well, just ranting. It's not like I'm getting one any time soon anyway.

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