Saturday, July 23, 2011

Buffetting : Medical Check Up

It was really my first time having a full body check up like this.

For those who have entered universities should probably have had these tests before.

The parents were deciding between BP or SDMC Subang to have the medical check up, and I'd finally decided on SDMC because BP didn't have a PHYSICIAN in the house.

Apparently a Medical Officer only becomes a physician after he's gazetted as a specialist.

Playing with terms no?

Anyway, the who medical check up was just the normal stuff like weight, height, eyesight, blood test, ECG, urine,X-ray, until the last one popped in:

Faces(Stool) test for occult blood.

Dang, why is that even necessary? Thanks to MEXT.

Seriously, had a lil problem getting them because the nature called early in the morning.

sorry blogger being bitch for pictures again. so yes this is my fat hand.

Overall the body is still okay.

The blood pressure is kinda high, for a youngster like me. I really need to start taking things lightly and loosen the screaming. The family history is really scaring me.

Others were negative, and the heart has no problem.

Well, time to send those reports over to the embassy and hope that the Japanese government actually take me next Jan.

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