Saturday, July 30, 2011

Buffetting : Men's Health 2011 Putrajaya Night Run

The stage

Okay so I'm practically still having some muscle singes on my right calf when I'm typing this, swing those drumsticks like there's no tomorrow to ease the pain!!!!

Like the title said, its about Men's Health Run. I was practically nagging my way from SJ to Putrajaya about how stingy the organizer is to not have medals for each and everyone of the runners.

Seriously, who doesn't like a nice shiny bling bling medal after a good run?

I think its better than all the food vouchers and drinks given later which actually adds up to the calories we'd actually burn after the run!

Anyway, beggars can't be choosers.

The kit collection was a drag, as we need to head towards OCM in Jalan Hang Jebat to get them.
The good thing was the gang was still in holiday,(is still in holiday too) and no killer crowd when we were there.

The colors look like kinder garden!!

The kit was so so, same ol same ol. They used the same chipping system in the Standard Chartered run.

The vest was cool, but the gang was unanimous that the lady's vest was better.

The gang who conquered 12.3km. Figure me out I'm the one with largest calves.

The run was okay, definitely better than SC run because of the venue. Good parking, good ventilation, bad traffic with all the smoke but it was temporary so I guess it was fine.

And no extra baggage at the back totally whipped less pressure on the legs.

Yet, when it hit 7km, my legs started to sore, especially my balls.

I mean you know the balls or the sphere-like part of your feet right under the toe?

Never checked the term up but yes, it hurt like blazes and no thanks to the previous day's badminton session with the family.

The crowd was huge, seemingly larger than SC because every categories except for Fun Run is taking part in the 12.3km run. So yea, more people, less space but everyone was very nice. According to the DJ from fly fm we had 6000++ participants that night, which was a LOT.

The run after the 9th km was really taxing, and with everyone slowing down you tend to slow down and take a rest too, no matter how determined you were.

The right calf started to fail me and I really had to stop completely in order to ease the tense on the area.

The whole Flame of Determination kicked in when I saw the "1km more to go" sign.

That was when I sped like my pants were on fire( more like the legs because of the freaking sores!!!!)

And I hit the finish line without any pause, and holly molly I totally strained my quads in my final kilometer. Owh well, no pain no gain.

I didn't exactly timed myself, but I know I spent 26 songs' worth of time, if the mean time for each song is 5 minutes, more or less in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

For a 12.3km, I think its okay! I spent 1hour and 11 minutes for a 10km, 2.3km in 9 minutes sounds impressing enough!

The scenery was good, even more breath-taking at night with all the beautiful lighting across the structure of the bridges.

The whole place was quiet, and seriously, Putrajaya is one heck of a metropolis. Even the street lamps looked so sci-fiction-ish.

So what's up for the Rm50 we paid? Goodie bag!!!!

Look at the mountain sized bags!!!!

Stuffs included for vouchers were some fish spa thingy, rm10 voucher from juice works, rm100 voucher from watch station and 14 days pass for True Fitness and also a car sticker which sounded like "I Cheat on Skinz" or something. And also a participation cert.(I WANT MY MEDAL!!!)

Other funny stuffs included were some juices, spritzer fibre, men's health and shapes august issues, Rexona, Biore, some whey thingy, SHOKUBUTSU!!!! and owh yes, Systema toothbrush.

Figure the runners from JB can use these when they stay overnight in Putrajaya before they hit 4 hours ride home after the run.

Overall, the run was great. Definitely kicks the running spirit into me more.

Next run, Adidas King of the Road!

The dudes from my car.


  1. well i saw ur time in fb. very good timing wat. for a 12km i prolly finish in 1.5 hrs. hahaha

    btw, oren run in sept 16, got finisher medal one. :P klang tho.

  2. @medie: good meh? macam very slow. the distance too long ledi the leg kenot take it T.T.

    Oren run in klang ar? don't know parents allow anot leh.. have to KTM there.

  3. have not registered. its on 16th sept. need to talk the parents into online reg for me. if i'm going can give u a lift.

  4. @medie: like that la. I'll google it up first, will drop you a comment if I'm ok!