Friday, July 15, 2011

Buffetting : Cross Way Path

Owhkay so lets spare you the drama, UPU have already announced their results, and this is what I've gotten:

Yea, wtheck I know right?

It was my 5th or 6th choice if I'd remember correctly.

and seriously the whole Veterinarian thingy didn't cross my mind ever before.

Like seriously.

What's best is I'd only realized its time to check for the UPU thingy when I woke up 12.30pm in the afternoon, after I saw what my friends have already posted on FB.

Take it or not?

Well, the prospective after graduation is definitely lucrative.

Ello, like most people who take care of their pets and go to vets are damn rich okay?

Whats better, even the prospects for MY future mate is better compared to treating the human counterparts.

Rich mar, what else? Probably good looking too.

But this probably reduces my chances of doing good deeds, which means less chances to attain good karma.....

Let's not go there yet.

Okay anyway, just to give you readers*and myself* a good figure of what's coming up of my future, here goes the list:

1) IMU (Partner Medical School) Got the offer earliest among the lots. Feb 2012, last resort.
2) Universiti Putra Malaysia(Veterinarian Sciences) Got them recently. Most probably appealing cause the parents ain't too comfortable. Sep 2011.
3) Monash University Clayton/Sunway(MBBS) Got into the waiting list. Yet, outcome is to be announced in another 2 weeks' processing time. Hopefully can get, closer to home if I'm studying in Malaysia, and all other current facilities. Feb 2012.
4) MEXT(Med/Dental/Pharm) Everything will be known next Jan. Seriously, really low chances, but still will keep some hope for the dream. April 2012.

Rejected universities:

1)Newcastle Malaysia(MBBS) Despite all the trouble I had to go through like personal statement, Recommendation letter and also an interview,which granted my instant offer, I had to reject because the parents didn't like the idea of studying in a developing area in Nusajaya, where exposure to dust and all is in its max intensity. So yea, you get the drill.
2) National University of Singapore(Real Estate) I just shrugged when I got the offer. Well, its not exactly what I'm looking for, might as well look at other areas.
3) Nanyang Technological University(Economics) Em, I wanted to use this as my backup plan, though I had some affinity towards this course earlier on. But somehow my steering got back to medicine after all.
4) Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology(Chemical Engineering) Totally ditched it after I got my conditional offer. Too far, too expensive and seriously, too expensive. So yes, its a no.

So yea, well, that concludes everything then. I will post up the ultimate decision when I've gotten them. Time to crack my head again.


  1. I need a vet to treat my chicken's leg that's dislocated. I feel so bad for the chicken. It can't walk and its just so sad.
    Can you help me?
    If you can't then the chicken will be on the dinner table once it grow up. T.T

    U like to handle human life right?
    Saving humans.. etc.
    Good luck~

  2. @aziana: there's so many vet around here!!!! Plus, are you sure by the time I graduate the chicken is still around? 5 years ya know. It probably takes 2 for the chicken to be laid on the table.

    like? well, i have no idea man. There's so much more than just saving by being a doc and all

  3. @Tempus : lol!

    I watched code blue on 8tv, why one want to become a doctor not because of saving life, but to see people's smile. :)

  4. Life is short, so find your passion and pursue your dreams. Study something that you like and not what is dictated by others. Don't be a string puppet and follow what other people suggested because at the end of the day, you're the one who's going to attend the class every single day for 5 years. If you don't have the interest and passion, sooner or later, you will quit. So listen to your heart and I wish you all the best.

  5. @aziana: see people's smile? sheesh u know how many tears you have to see before you get that? deaths are of inevitable. That's the first thing I've accepted about life.

    @calvin: thanks. I will totally do that if I'd really know what I truly want, but I just can't reciprocate my wants yet, even after 1.5 years in form 6. Sheesh I'm a very very fickle minded asshole

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