Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Buffetting : Sids

So the badminton mates planned this very random outing to hit down SS2's local pub, Sid's for a Ben Davis Burger meal last Saturday.

According to J the Desperate, Fridays seemed to be more happening compared to Saturdays. Guess people really only get down on Fridays.

Anyway, J initially invited the sister ONLY to the place because of his promise to give the sis a treat long long time ago.

Personally, I feel that J is hitting on the sis, and the sis knows it, but reluctantly avoiding the subject whenever the whole weird puffy scenario kicks in.

Maybe because the sis is looking for some better choices. Normally I will be the sis' mates' benchmark. Anyone who wants to get serious around my sisters must at least hit these targets:

1- Financially stable. Student? Get real. You ain't earning so you ain't getting trust yet.
2-Better looking than I do. Seriously, gotta keep the next generation healthy.
3- Taller than me, or at least my sis. With the height of 173cm, the sis is kinda having problems but I know how male ego and complexes work, so height is of inevitable.

That's it right? Well, at least when I deal with the guy, he is okay. So far the exes have been a pain in the ass for me cause they don't really interact with me but the sis. Hello, you wanna be in the family, at least get the brother's acknowledgment first you digg?

Geez it sucks to be my sis isn't it?

Bottom line, I knew the night ain't meant for me and another mate Y the Cutesy. He's kinda the adorable type, but still a lil kiddy. Definitely no no material for the sis.

As for the place, let the pictures do the talking.

Named after the person who nabbed this in 3 bites, Ben Davis. Selection of beef, chicken, pork *owh yersh* or mutton patty, single or double.

BBQ Pork ribs. so so, liked the Chinese counterparts better.

The burger was of course the best part of the whole night. Should totally hit this pub with the girls next time, on a Friday night.


  1. "3- Taller than me,"

    Don't be ridiculous!

  2. @del: well, I did lower the requirement a lil, at least taller than my sis. 180 should be fine.