Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Buffetting : Secondary Growth

After signing up for the gym for a whole two months now, my physique rating has pretty much gone better since earlier of the year.

The commitment was there, so as the diet I infused in order to loss more fats and gain more weigh.

In the midst of all these, of course I manage to shed some visceral fat, as the fat around the waist.

Hence, I was supposed to look somewhat slimmer.

Yet, it wasn't one person, or maybe two, BUT THREE person mentioned that I've gone taller.

It might be an optical illusion for one person, but I don't think 3 person with perfect eyesight can comment on this, within a week itself.

Omgee I think the at least 500ml milk per day actually allow me to spurt my height once more in my last years of puberty!

Hurray! More milk!!1 I have 14 months before I hit my last year of puberty, so yes yes lets make this baby grow more!!!!

Imagine other parts of the body grow as well *teehee*

Lets leave that to the future mate to find out.

So anyone of you peeps actually undergone any 2ndary spurt after the high school years?

PS: At least I'm safe to say I'm still a adolescent XD You old adults out there can't grow anymore!!!!


  1. i hate u . = =

    i wanna grow too... T_T

  2. @vincent: drink milk la. it works wonders. HL will do good.

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