Sunday, July 10, 2011

Buffetting : First Tuition Class

I'm finally employed again!!!!

After 2 years of hiatus I'm back in contributing to the world's economy!

Anyway, its just a simple SPM Mathematics tuition, no big deal.

Everything went well I guess, though the student I'm dealing with really needs to buckle up, cause most of the fundamentals were really rusty.

The mother kinda liked me though, cause the previous tutors were kinda funny.

The lady did the homework of the student.
The one before me was late all the time, and the mother really was pissed of with em.

I guess I'm always good with parents, got this feature pre-programed in me since forever.

So its time to work again, and earn some extra bucks to fix the 0.5 fucking band of my IELTS.


  1. Goodluck with the new job! Hope your student scores well.

    Hmm ielts huh. I've never sat for that paper before. Hmm...

  2. @vin: really hope he does!!! he's kinda blur around the chapters for a form 5...

    Stupid IELTS. made my life miserable because of the 0.5 band. will post on it once i remarked or resit! too traumatized to post it now XD

    how was france??!! pictures pictures pictures!!!!

  3. if i were to teach maths.... the student's would get 9G easily xD

  4. @alex: owh cm'on its MATHS la.. you can do it. But heck if I ever teach a student to cook, the outcome is seriously beyond human describable terms. >.<

  5. i used to fail modern maths in high school in, seriously 9G xD. But surprisingly, in spm, A1 ahhahaa oh the irony xD

  6. @alex: OMGee 9G to A1, seriously. I've seen another also. For bio, he fail all the time, in SPM he got A1. I got A1 all the time, spm A2, haiz, talk about misfortune man.