Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KZB on: Laughing My Arse off in JPA Panel 5~

Thanks for tuning in peeps~

1st of April, namely April's Fool though I can't say I got fooled by anyone yet today but wth~~ they should have a holiday for it seeing people enjoys them soooo much around~

Back to main title... JPA interview... I can only say it was a BLAST in the Panel 14. I mean, the interviewers were great, my 5-team- girls were great and boy, I was doing great on my chair!!!

People had always told us that JPA is this, JPA is that and all the yacky yadaa~~But honestly, compared to interviews I had in the past, this was more like a conversation with adults with their respective fields... They were relaxed, friendly and most importantly, they know us. It is so hideaous that job interviews are ran by people who doesn't want to take us into their companies but that would be the next chapter of my life~

As for now, the chapter of tertieary study is being written now, and the interviewers, surprisingly NONE of them were anyone from JPA, instead they were Doctors and Engineer talking to us in the Panel Room!And this is the first year they put the proffesionals in the rooms!!! And they were sooo nice, Hallelujah~~~ oops sorry to the Christians~
My group of beauties~~~ Lucky Lelaki Jati~~~

So, details!

First Session, explain on you, your family and why the profession and why overseas~

So, I was a little jumpy in the intro, bad but when I stepped into why doctor, that is when the fun starts!!! I mean I totally rocked the whole room! My answer was somehow out of the blues and what was good, my answer was unique!

Others, (all girls) were saying that doctor is noble, is challenging, is interesting, they can handle it but not telling the panels how and why they can handle it... But my answer was perculiar~

Honestly, I'm not the super genius type like the ones who came for this interview. But for me, being a doctor, it is not only about memorizing and knowing all the knowledge in the medical world, but it is the empathy that I have which will form the very bridge between me and the patients.
Empathy is something that I know I had in me ever since I had started to get proactive in human relations and I can literally feel what the patients feel when I was in the hospital! And I know the patients are depending on us, to pull them back to their original state and start living normal again!And it is sad to know that there are doctors who don't care about what their patients because their patients are the one suffering !

Panel Dr. Shah:
That is what young doctors nowadays think on their jobs. And this is the mind set we would love to have from our candidates

****Bing Bong~****

Which Hospital did you go?

Owh its somewhere near, Hospital Putrajaya... And it is like paradise in the Operation Theatre!

Panel Dr Ooi:
Owh you know that HPTJ is not the best place to know about a doc's job right? Did anyone discourage you in the process of the attachment? Did they tell you that if you are finding your money you do not step in to a doctor's field?

To me, it is very common to be in every field to have a very little gold in their first bucket so I don't see the point of chasing after that huge lump of gold now. We accepted the goverment's money, the people's taxes to further our studies and the least we could do is to serve them! The next buckets of gold will come later on in the later stages of our lives and that is after we deserve our money, not after 7 years of studies only, the experiences will enrich our pay.

Panel Dr Ooi:
This is the mind set that we are searching exactly in young people today. If you keep up the mindset in your way, you will soar as an excellent doctor in our society and obtain you rightful recognition.

****Bing Bong 2****~~~

And boy, that was SATISFYING~~~ I couldn't believe what adrenaline had did to my speech~

And we continued with Organ Donation which all of us had really unique ideas and views towards the issue~

IT is only till today that I know that Muslims cant donate their organs after they passed away but one thing is quite contradicting is , you can't donate your organs when you are dead so practically you are donating when you are "alive" so its not exactly against your religion now does it?

But we concluded that we will need to respect the ideology of others and well technically, they can donate if the Muslims realised they are donating it but it is forbidden to take something out of your body when you don;t know it... So... see what i mean yea?

So, we did a bang up job in supporting each other's idea and we were more like a team, instead of competitors, so its like we are trying to get everyone into the scholarship list hahaha~~~

After that was another session, in BM... And shit I screwed up due to the 3 months non-BM period and hail all rusting~ I wanted to use some peribahasa , TAPI, I was panicking to think of the word "concentration" in BM which is (tumpuan) here, so i don't bother already then~~~

So after that, we were done and WALAH!!!!! Nice, Sweet , Simple and Damn I love my interviewers!!!! What is the best thing about having Binn around?? We get to snap pictures!!!! And took 2 pictures, and the kakak who issued us into the Panels requested for us to take picture of her too!!! And blue toothed her summore~ Hahahahah~~~~
Kak Niza~~ Hope to see her again when i got my scholarship~

And this is a JPA Scholar~~Fail him only lar~~~ And the funy thing is, they asked us to stress on our "LAHs" when we were overseas as ambassadors coz that is a Malaysian culture~ Take that man!

So thats the end of it~ But I went to Hannah but she wasn't done yet~ So i talked to her about it~ And I was like greeting , literally everyone in every corners!!! Haha Coz I knew lotsa friends from the JPA attachment plus some of my face recognition skills, my friend-making fiesta is like Rock-On-Fiesto~~~
OOooh~~~ Restaurant View~~~ But not the food lar

Im surprised by my ability to cope with people too, and that concludes my JPA interview today~ Lazy wanna add in all the extras lar look at the pictures for share~
Another Picture for youuuu~~~

Today, I get to know more of my class mates in PM10 again~ New friends in the list~

Andrew~ Kinda cute guy
Joyce~ The cute guy's girl
Darren~ Funny Indian guy
Chia rong~ Smart ass Cina
Ji Can~ Super good drawer
Akira~Funkay Class Rep

Well, more of their names will appear soon~

Now, go crashing into sea of Mathematics HW
Last Laugh: RM 3.00 for this in Putrajaya International Convention Centre's Restaurant~ Talk about Subsidizing man~~~~

Swithering Away,


  1. i dont know it's forbidden for the muslim to donate their organ O.o
    but as far as i know...
    if the person had gaven permission to donate his organ during his life..then it's permissible to take the organ when he had died since he had gaven permission when he live

  2. but they didnt know? that was actually the main problem because they have the permission, yet they dont know if they are dead when they are unconscious so it is quite funny though~s

  3. Hope you'll be a healer as you've answered to the interviewees in the future.

    I like your attitude!

    It's JPA now has this kinda attachment before hand. During my time, my questions were something irrelevant.

    I got to discuss on ICT which I'd no idea what was it about years back.

    Haha.. Therefore, screwing up the interview.

  4. DET: they actually have real life proffesionals there this year! that is the precise reason we get to prove ourselves to them, to those who had been through the programme itself... Haiz... A levels march intake stressful lar~~~

  5. eh binn, another future doctor eh... i'll need to greet you as doctor binn in few years time ^_^

  6. I think this is good.

    Hope you'll be able to get your scholarship.

    Your attitude fits into this profession but real challenge is yet to start.

    Btw, I'm a final year med student. It's just happened that I could use my nickname and the Gmail user name appears.

    *paiseh* ^^

  7. willy: another 7 years to 8 years lor~>.< so old ledi by the time~

    DET: But a levels biology is killing me~~~ no time to study lar... any suggestions???

  8. No time? Sorry, I don't get your point.

    The time allocated to complete a course will always be enough, I suppose.

    Would you please elaborate more?

  9. its like im having class from 8 to 4 the whole day thenn by the time i reach home and clean up and all its 5 so when i finish my home work its already dinner...

    then i have squash trainings at 8 to 10 and when i reach home to pick up the book, i am exhausted... argh and the biology terms seem so intimidating to be remembered!!! and i think the 3 month's break made me lazy... hell lot lazier....

  10. OIC.. Ya~ It's like that for A level. While I was doing my STPM, it was kinda similar too.

    Haha.. Nevermind. That's a stage you need to go through.

    It could even tougher once you enter medical school.

    Perhaps, you take this as a warm up which helps you to go further?

    Just a piece of advice as a senior to you. Hope it helps.

  11. Gourd i hope it works~~~ im so lazy nowadays~~~

  12. OMG! you even have panel 14?!?!There must be a lot of people.

  13. Delusion:owh our day they only had max 15 people in one panel~~ but the day before was up to 20, so we were real lucky bunch~

    btw~ which class are you in taylors? im in PM10 ya know? maybe we could meet up?

  14. I'm in PE6. We have one week moral class before holiday. See you in the lecture hall?

    Keep contact.

  15. hey i dint see u also~~` dint greet me arh u....

  16. sorry ah....i busy with my team, when i'm free see you busy also......


    p.s. it's not hard to find you, lol.

  17. delusion>>> seriously??? why im THAT obvious???!!!!

  18. Well, because

    1. you're tall
    2. you stood up all the time
    3. i saw your picture on this blog
    4. you spoke a lot
    5. lots of body language

  19. body language? seriously?! i'm sooo dead man~~~