Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KZB on:Characteristics of Gay

Peeps, I'm not exactly pissed off, just quite shock of the statements of my classmates today...

wanna know what?

they asked whether if im a gay...

SAY WHAT????!!!!

Yeah, that's right... due to several coincidences and happenings lately, I'm considered as GAY in my class.... WTH~~~~

But but but... there are reasons for them! I can't blame them, maybe they had a life time of cultural shock due to their "unfamiliar" culture in Subang Jaya, so I've gotta give them chance right?

Fine, so they asked if I were a gay, but I insisted on the reasons of them saying that I'm one, because so far I have not done anything, so-to-speak Gayish?

And they claimed, more likely, Jee Can claimed that the few actions i did in the hall this two days made him terrified of me... same goes to Akira...

1) I talk like a gay.
2) My actions made me gay.
3) I have seductive gay stares.
4) I have been getting hugs from boys,real hardcore.
5) I have a gay facial expression.

Honestly, I didn't know I have all the traits above in me... Seriously!!!!

I mean, maybe when I talk I chat like a girl lar... 49% feminine 51% masculine what you expect???

But my actions like a gay? Hello!!! Akira look into the mirror man!!!! I think you suits into the Gay category more !!!! But never mind i shall keep my cool...

Next up, seductive gay stares?? That is something really new~ If i have that strong of stares don't you think I would be walking around wrapped up in a guy's arm now? Ding Dong~~~

Facial expression of a gay.... Whoa I was really lost when Jee Can told me.. I mean, I can barely know how my facial expressions were like without a mirror, and my friends survived mine for 5 years??? How am I suppose to change my facial expressions man???

And the guys hugging me thing, well we ARE close alright? I mean we do all kinds of stuffs together , but not what you think they are lar~~~~

Frankly speaking, I think this would be the severe case of cultural shock, as i think it is more "conservative" in the other states? Worse in Perak but this is very subjective though so no harm done to anyone here...

But my point is, i don't think the points above concludes that I'm a gay, cause its too vague, overly vague and I respect you guys and I never laid my hands on you before, I'm not going to even if I'm a gay, alright so just chill out~

And this leads to a real dilema in me, because
if I becomes a Gay if I get too close with guys,
And I becomes a Sissy if I get too close with girls,
So where am I suppose to stand?

Fine if that is the way it have to be, I think I will stand by it alright? If you guys like it that way...

Honestly I'm still confused with my sexual orientation, but I will not tolerate any parties who tries to decide for me, but myself. This is my story, my chapter, and I will write it with my own hands. I can't say that I'm gay now, but I don't deny the fact that I maybe one, because the moon never stays round forever does it? Its ok, next post will be related to it anyway~

Swithering Away,


  1. "I think this would be the severe case of cultural shock, as i think it is more "conservative" in the other states?"


    And you suggested choosing power rangers?

  2. well, at least that was what happening in my class lar~~~ i did not suggest power rangers ok!!! it was my team mates larh~~~

  3. enjoyed the read. well, people judge. you can't get rid of that fact. wahihihi...

    i too am unsure of my preference. and its like im already this old without knowing which way to lean...

  4. innocent: owh well, that is what happens when you are born in my way of life, oops i forgot to blog about that thanks to my LAN assignment!!! well i guess we both are having a hard time eh?will blog about it next post~