Monday, March 30, 2009

KZB on:Go Crashing into bed of STRESS

Why does an 18 years old boy will have stress???

Because he is living a life of a man with Gazillions of business on his hands...

I thought yesterday was the happiest day of my month because I managed to finish and cramp on whole week's worth of College Work in 5 hours' time...

Yet, before i knew it another storm strikes right into my face:

My dog was banged / knocked down by a car!!!!!

OMFGoodness.... I have tried everything to protect her she just seemed to lonely to stay put inside our house's compartment!!!! And every freakin' time I see it chained, I would be so hurt!I wouldn't want myself or my daughter to be chained like that in the future either...

And she got banged, literally by a car so i had to fetch it to the vet..

Another stress, it was 4 o clock, peak hour for the effin' Sri KL bastards and bitches to go back to their rich men houses to lick dung( a bit vulgar, but i was in the "hit-and-kaboom" mode so Don't bother~~~

So, I had to use the LOOOOOONG way out to reach the VET in SS14, which sadly, wasn't opened... OMFG!!!! Then I thought of SS15 instead. Until I reached there, I only realised that ss15 is a Petting Central!!! Not a Vetting Central!!!! P and V's different just kills me....

And I resolved to ace for the SS18 Vet... Thank goodness it was still operating and I was literally crying because I could her my dog's cry in the car... Oh my goodness... Going to cry again!!!!!

And reached there, she was really scared... I mean, literally her body was shaking and her pulses were raging like a whirlpool. The doctor was there but it wasn't really putting its guard down, even when I was there to comfort it.

Giltch: A dog, accurately a bitch will be provoked when she looks into a mirror

That was what happenned inside the vet. But luckily I was able to calm her down by blowing air to her nose constantly,(don't ask, that is how my dog likes our way of approach) and the injection was successful.

Yet, the creaming and iodining was a headached because it set a barrier against any one else who is trying to harm her but me... So after the long struggle of iodining, the doc suggested for me to cream it at home... So, fine.

And the bill.. RM118.00 OMFG!!!! I'm a student for goodness sake and he charged me for that much!!! Lucky my dad handed me some cash for my text books plus some of my left over allowance , or i would need to clean the dog's poop for my dog's bills...

Haiz, maybe i should get another dog for her as a playmate huh?

And she will need lotsa water to regenerate~

Just finished squash again today and boy, I am glad I had joined this sport 3 years ago, because it has already became an important part of life for me to go on. The people and the fun we have there, is nothing compared to what I would had in any other sports. The peeps were fantastic, the coach was cool and the sport itself is stress-friendly... Plus, you can occasionally see leng chai and leng luis in the court too, for me , I had see PLENTY!!! But I'm not counted lar~~~

Running madly in the court and screaming and MOANING( don't ask, people constantly turn on and off in the court due to the moans) and laughing every game, what more can you ask for form a SPORT????And constant feeding of views of leng chai and leng luis~~~

1st day in the college grounds today, and much up to expected because there are people that I know lurking around~ And my cousin was a little intimidated by the little fact that I stays in Subang Jaya, where SS15 would be one of the SJian's central, but WTH~~

I think I can cope with A levels, the fun is about to start!

And honestly, I have no idea why Thinking Skill exist as a subject~

Okay, until next post peeps~

Swithering Away,


  1. is that add maths i see in the photo? gosh... i've totally forgotten everything!

  2. haha being doc no need add maths meh??? my maths in A levels now is killing me already lor~~~~