Sunday, April 26, 2009

KZB on: Flashbacks and NewFlashes

Told you Yong Bin knows best when and where to take a photo~ (camera man material whey~)

Yesterday was heck of a day..

Meeting up old faces, and seeing how they have became, I'd say,


WE still joke around like little kids.

WE still love teasing our friends and their rumour-mates.

WE still snap pictures when ever we had the chance.

But one thing is for sure, WE are still talking to each other.

There is when everyone wants to play with NOtes~

Sometimes, honestly most of the time, when time passes, everything will change.

The one you talked to the most few months ago became the person you are treating the coldest.
The one you had shared most of the thing no longer wants to share it.

And that is how time actually dilutes these bonds.

Its like chemistry, literally speaking.

From strong hydrogen bonds, they broke up and formed into the temporary induced bonds.
And these bonds, can be further broken up easily, with only a small flick.

Yet, I'm glad I had also few others to share my thoughts with. They may not be as patient or as understanding, but they sure are there for us.

Anyways, back to the main topic.

Yes the Merit Awards Ceremony. It is held every year around this period, when the "brains" of the school will be presented with awards for their achievements and hardwork.

And this year, 64 of us were invited for the SPM awards, and glad to say, my class took up more than half of the participants in the hall.

Why? Because of the streaming policy we had in our school since we end our PMR.

Anyway, picture speaks the best.
PS: My brother got 1st in his class, guess the male genes in our family is more studious huh?

IMAN!!!! Everybody loves Iman lar~~~

Hannah I stress again, you ain't fat and you ARE PRETTY!!!!!!

though a little out of topic, I'm quite shocked with how people track me down for my blog.....
Guess my name for my blog and what I did is THAT different till the internet only recognizes one fella huh?

Anyway, thats for today, New Flashes, my A-levels nightmare~~~

PS2: I'm thinking of starting a B-log club in Taylors, wonder if it would work?

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