Wednesday, April 22, 2009

KZB on: Big Time LOSER~~~

Peeps, there is a Hari Kecemerlangan coming up this Saturday~

I was really eager to participate this event~

Until 5 minutes ago, when I discovered a devastating news from my friend, who coincidently is the Best All Rounder Student of the year, 2008.


Well, I was aiming for his position last year, that is why.

I think some how the God is really playing with my feelings and emotion.

Why does HE have to be always taking away all my hopes?

Seriously! It happened, COINCIDENTLY, last year , or rather in 2007 that he held my dream position as the Vice-Head Prefect.

And today, he is holding my dream position as the Best All Rounder Student...

Gosh I just hate to see this happening.

Yes i get the part which,

"Owh its you good friend who won you! So you get to be happy for him even you lost!"

stated but I don't think i can stand the blow for TWICE.

What is worse, THE SAME GUY.

MY life, is really going in circles....

Maybe I made the same mistake over and over?

Ignore the left one....
OR God just having fun picking on my dreams?

I worked soooo hard.

Sports, I got to States and Secretary.
Society, I got a President.
Uniform Body, I got Asst. Quartermaster.
Special Body, I got Disciplinary Officer.
PRS, I got a Exco Committee.

5 Freaking clubs to juggle, and I still freakin' stayed in the first class(which i have no idea why) to compete for top ten....

And this is what I get....

Honestly, I have no idea what I did to deserve this....

I do my work, I have worked so hard, just to see it flying right between my eyes....

I get the,

"Life is like that. You just have to accept how it is..."

But this is not the case!

I know it is not the case.

True he is smarter and all but,
He even looks good from side view~>.<

I worked 5 times more than normal people do.

I had to deal with my club.
I had to deal with my sports.
I had to deal with my prefect duties.
I had to deal with my academics.
I had to deal with my Japanese studies.
I had to deal with my dog.

And all these, POOOOF...

Nothing gives back...

Yeah, again i get the,

"You gain experience! The award means nothing! All you need is your heart!"

but, I think being materialistic is what made us human and,

I was too nice in the past to give everything away just like that. I want to be recognized. I want all my hard work to pay...

Guess I'm still a loser in the end.

Isn't he the sweetest looking guy???!!!!

No i don't hate him. I just hate myself for being so not capable to compete with others.

It's just that, sometimes the alter ego takes place and starting typing the crap like the above...

He is nice, sweet,smart, good-looking, HOT(with six-packs and all) and best of all, understanding.

Ain't he the perfect guy for women?

Hahaha yes he is...

What I'm trying to say is, maybe I was over confident with all my co-curiculum works. Maybe I don't deserve to have the award even from the beginning. It was meant for him.

He is the perfect candidate.

And I?

Nothing but a piece small fry...

Might as well stick to my Nanny duties... Long hours and no pay...

Swithering Away,


  1. In Chinese "人比人比死人"
    In English "Do ur best & let god do the rest"

    U jus wan to win or u jus wan the acknowledgement or u jus wan to be who u are.. U decide :D

  2. Cheer up!

    All these titles do not decide how far you'll go or how successful you are in the future.

    The most important thing is, what have gained? From the uniform bodies, clubs etc you've participated.

    These experiences are much valuable as they might mold you into a more wholesome person.

    And sometimes, we have no control on what's going to happen.

    p/s: I was once a top student and being known for balance academic and co-curricular achievement throughout my secondary school life. But, none of the juniors knows me now. So, these are only temporary.

    Ganbate ne!

  3. Jerry:Owh i wish i could man... Seriously I wish I could...

    Edwin:well, I was kinda known for what I did back in secondary school.. but, maybe you are right... but still the scar is there.. too many scars have been made lately

  4. soooo obvious!!!

    PS:Admin can ya like put down yer names coz i dun know who is commenting..>.<

    Nyak nyak~~~

  5. Sports, I got to States and Secretary.
    Society, I got a President.
    Uniform Body, I got Asst. Quartermaster.
    Special Body, I got Disciplinary Officer.
    PRS, I got a Exco Committee.
    WALAU A....

  6. walau A? why whats the problem?