Thursday, April 9, 2009

KZB on: Killer Assignments

I survived!!!!!

Finally, I got to an end with my freaking LAN assignment on Taoism... Sadly I was the leader and since I was, I had to settle most of the stuffs submitted by the group including animating the slides and getting the whole power point interesting... And I slept at 2 for 2 days.... Goodness and that contributes heck lot to my lipid count and stress count...

Anyway, today's discussion in the Lecture Theatre 2 was fine, everyone did a great job, especially Akira!!! I can tell that he was literally enjoying himself up at the stage doing "his" stuffs...

I think people recorded his whole performances and it was a huge shot because of his, i'd rather put the word "originality" of performance.

Well, every have their style and even though I had a great laugh back then, I have to admit Akira have his style, same goes to the whole group of Power Rangers!!!(my team's name, don't bother asking)
From left: Shui Hui, Joyce,Hannah,Linthini,Chia Jing, Rebekah
Down: ME, Akira, Jee Can, Yong Teng

Notice the colour and our shirts' colour? It is suppose to be our colour coding for out Ranger's colours HAHAHHAHAHA

I hereby thank my team mates, Joyce, Linthini, Shu Hui, Chia Jing, Rebekah, Hannah, Jee Can, Yong Teng and Akira(really made the whole hall laughed) for doing a great job in preparing the slides and showing a good presentation as a team. You guys were great and Go Go Power RANGERS!!!!!!

I have to say, I was a terrible team leader for this assignment due to the lack of morality I had shown for my group, and my incompetence in preparing the slide, and also the most important video. Everyone was expecting for the great video(though they haven't seen it but they were expecting...) but the hall's PC is just as screwed up as mine at home so... too bad eh? Guess my luck ain't going well since I set foot in Taylors...

Which brings back to the series of misfortune had landed on me since I joined Taylors. I got hurt, my car got scratched, the sickness never stopped, the lost of my penn drive and yes, the claims that i'm a gay...(well not a misfortune but wth~)

I'm losing my confidence in pursueing my college now... If I ever survived 2009, its really sadhu sadhu sadhu to Buddha...

Swithering Away,


  1. u will still need the A levels no matter wat.

  2. owh damn~~~ a levels.... why do cambridge create them at all????

  3. Heyy Binn u aren't the only one. Chill there, we will all support each other yea :)

  4. alrighty FEL!!! we will support each other along the 15 months!