Friday, August 5, 2011

Buffetting : SLSE

Super Low Self- Esteem.

Well, its like you can only take so much blows in a day.

First is the sucky running shoes experience. Apparently the left side of my shoes is failing me and running 8 minutes on the treadmill totally wore my feet out, not legs.

Second is the low motivation in pump class. Geez, there ain't as much energy I do before.

Third, the skin texture of the body is like totally disastrous. Scars and stretchmarks and new MOLES everywhere. WTHELL.

Fourth, the sucky hair! What is with the growing sideways, seriously!

Fifth, lost cable and thumb drive. Holly miss molly, where the heck did the freaking case go??!!!

Okay, I really need to be positive right now. Gotta go crash then be positive.


  1. One of those days, huh? Everything gets better after sleeping, for sure!

  2. @jer renn: hopefully man. Hitting the hay now. Hopefully tomorrow the body suits in better.

  3. here's a solution, or some...

    1. get a new shoes. albeit expensive, a good investment is good for the long run. go get brooks. or new balance. :D

    2. join something else. or go for the funner instructor's class. :D try for new classes. try steps maybe. or rpm. oooh... jam. or shbam. LOL. maybe the drums thingy too.

    3. get new cables and pen drive lor. lol. can't help losing stuff sometimes. no point getting all fired up. chill man!

    4. can't help with the stretchmark. i have too. :( in covered places la. haha. but yea my skin's bad as well.

    and... well. 5. shave them off? LOL

  4. @medie: haha thanks for the solutions!

    I'm totally getting a new pair of shoes soon. The old shoes is failing me big time, even though it was that expensive. T.T

    The pump was okay, its just last friday the whole body didn't cope well.

    Oh well, lets hope this week is a better week~