Tuesday, March 17, 2009

KZB on: Dr. Nano Facial Experience

Fine I had issues with my mum almost everyday... but still I know deep down she loved me(though i can't really commune with her but wth~) and she cares a lot. So today was my 1st facial experience with my parents in Dr Nano~~~ Yeah the slimming place but surprisingly, they offer Facial and Massage with, I can only say, the "gentlest" touch, especially when you are in my position...

funny, did any of you peeps actually find out which part of your body is the most sensitive when someone else touches them?(in this case not your sexy organs because those aint "reachable" unless he or she is your close mate) I had only found out today when I tried my best to not shiver or laugh when the lady who tried to massage my chin..

Yes, my chin. Very funny for a guy huh? Normally it would be the waist or the arm pit or whatever places... but mine was the Chin~~~ owh well lets continue..

So there were the usual routine... cleansing, scrubbing toning.. yadayada... and the climax was the pimpling...

Yes the pimpling was like entering a Warzone... The lady will use some metal stick with a smale hole to force your pimple out of your pores and as for the first timer for facial, my pores were practically "congested" with yellow buds and the lady had to literally squeez the buds heck out of my poor pores to "unblock" those pores.

No wonder the facial sessions take hours to complete!!! The pain is like, literally pricking your face with needles to take something out of them, its just that for my session, I had my whole face to cover... gosh I'm lucky I'd survive that session!

Honestly, I have no idea how the people can survive facial sessions till today... one day was like... all hell broke loose... but still i think i will need another few more sessions to revive my skin... talk about males don't need to bother on facial protection...

well I can't say i didn't enjoy the whole process because the ambience and services were splendid... but its just the freaking squeezing part kills me... so if any of you wanna go for facial, you can always try Dr Nano, they ain't only about Jet Water Slimming..

It's almost one week after the big SPM day, and the solution is A levels after all the debates and arguements... One and a quarter years in Taylors here I come~ No more playing around and its full focus study now~~ Time to find the life and love of my own now~~ Can't believe I cried over these for 3 freaking days.... I am emotional~

Swithering Away,


  1. Wow. I'm going for the march intake too.

  2. huh? well lets see u around!! PS: aren't u from kedah? u are getting a motel here?

  3. Yeap. :)
    Super worry now.

  4. ermm....travelling 300km south and staying in another state?


  5. u will get used to it~~ u can always talk to me if u want~