Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That dirty little Dragonball Evolution Whisper with Nangs

Thanks to NuffNang I get to hit One Utama in Damansara to enjoy the Premiere of Dragon Ball Evolution in GSC.. I went there with Jer Renn earlier for dinner and guess what we had in the outlet labyrinth?

We had western food in Jack's Place which spent us quite a reasonable amount of cash. RM25 each for a 3 course meal for a place with comfortable amount of privacy, ambience and services, Jack's Place in One Utama is considered as one of the core places for lovers and family members to spend their evenings.

As for me and Jer Renn, we are nothing but two lost little boys trying to try something new out of the blues of One Utama, only that we realised that they also have a outlet in Sunway Pyramid, talk about downer~

Anyway, pictures speak for themselves~

Boneless chicken thingy... i love the baked potato~~

The brownies and ice cream is a die for~~~ only rm5!!!

Pussy Foot~~~ Tasted like yogurt drink of orange, mango and mint after some discussions

And we headed to MPH to hit on some books, then to GSC for the movie. Looks like the movie was quite anticipating as plenty of vectors were there too including The Star, Spotlite,Glitters and some other companies. And obviously I fall into the Nuff Nang vector and claimed my tickets for two ~

But one thing had bothered me a little was the rigidness of 20th Century for stopping us from bringing in out phones, cameras and other electronics into the cinema, talk about OverRated as what master Gohan said:
Gohan a.k.a. Granpa--"Being normal is over Rated"

yes they don't relate but wtf~

Honestly, I would have enjoyed it if it was all in Japanese because this movie has successfully make me hate the Amercian-Dubbing spree... They ain't that good in portraying like almost every character of the movie, and fine , maybe it is called Evolution because it is going to be different yet, they failed to amaze me not even one bit. Their sense of humour and plot was there, but the advancement of the story was disappointing and only the character Bulma successfully made my day...

Goku was a sucky character to begin with ignoring all the original traits from the comic.. Including the cockiness and the weird acting skill from the actor... the character is labelled "FAILURE" to me

Master Gohan was ok... but not much comments on him

Chi Chi was cute,perky and all, but she lacks the energy the original one have.. But, she tried and she turned out ok.

Master Roshi in another hand, they had got the wrong chinese actor... cause first he is too well-built as the original one was freaking skinnny and Chow Yun Fatt has really failed to portray the character well with his a bit off Cina-ness in him, not Japanese and plenty of scenes with him in it made me go... omg... so lame...

YamCha... well YamCha was ok lar...

Bulma in another hand was good!!! I love the actress herself and the character was well-constructed and her attitude really reminded me of Prue Halilwel from Charmed...

And Piccolo... well.. i guess it was ok.. but honestly, the whole English accent croosed all the terms into nonsense...

OVerall, I rate this movie to 5.0/10.0... plenty had commented it was a waste of time watching the movie post-stepping out from the cinema... owh well.. I couldn't have agree more!!! As a fan since young, Americans successfully prove my theory right, they can't make Asian's culture theirs in any manner, because they just suck in them...

But, the best part of the day , well rather nightin One U wasn't the movie, but was the marathon of me and best bud to get the heck out of the building to the car park!!! We got lost and we were speeding down the corridors of the mall and the whole place was soooo quite that our pantings and footsteps were like echoeing in the air.... It felt like we were, or at least I was in a thriller movie, where the characters were trapped in some building where there are killers trying to shoot them down.. haha a bit over-dramatic but wth~~~

So we spent total of 30 freaking minutes banging into walls of the mall trying to crack our heads to find our way to the car park, at the same time keep on recalling the routes we took before we reach the cinema... and we were literally stuck in a labyrinth, like a said earlier, until we finally reached the centre of the mall, and honestly, the securities weren't much help... we managed to find JR's car ourselves once we ran into the car park and scrounged around...

But, the fun doesn't end here~ Due to the Proton-Genes in JR's Saga, his car was heating up like the Sahara Desert after 15 minutes travel.. Once we reached Federal Highway, JR's car finally crack up and start emmiting smokes from the engine.

Me: JR, is that smokes from your car?
JR:No it is not...(still driving calmly)
Me: Are you sure?? (stilll a little jumpy)
JR:Owh FUCK!!! Its my car!
*ME instantly got jumpy*
Me: Start parking by the side lane!!!!!
*JR drove towards the side lane and off the engine*

And we were stuck in a traffic jam, because the JPJ fellas was trying to fix some road thingy.... So after 5 short minutes and discussion, we decided to continue driving to my house and JR spending his night in my house, due to his car's problems..

Finally, when we were about to reach my house, JR gave another "OWH!!!" upon reaching the bumper.. Instantly, my hands threw all the stuffs I was holding and panicked, again.

Me: What was that for?
JR: owh it was the bumper..

*JR, next time when I drive, remind me to turn on the radio so you won't scare me*

So, we spend our night watching Charmed and talking about stuffs~~~

See how going to One U by ourselves can cause these much of ADVENTURE??? Getting stucked in a mall is quite and experience for once in a while~>.<

Swithering Away,

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