Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KZB on: Operation Theatre Living

Yes, the OT.

Almost all the participants of this attachment programme hate us for being able to experience this virgin presence in the OT, with all the specialist of the specific disciplines.
our Virgin gown~~~
Honestly, the blood and all the gushing stuffs out of the human body ain't as horrible and scary as they look or sound from the mouth or screens on TV. When you are standing literally beside the surgeons, it is like you are the ones who are performing the operation, cancel the work of your hands.

So, what exactly we did there? The first thing would be the basic: GOWNING, or rather in lay men's term, putting on the scrubs. So the guys get naked in front of each other which I was quite intimidated because almost everyone one of them have like the ideal body shape~ More so for those who had went for the National Service programme. And I was one of those which have the flabs, but its ok... i have a life time to build my body right?

Just one thing...

We should had NEVER follow the rules!!! We were suppose to bring out phones with us but we hesitated due to the "we-should-listen" mentality... UGh what a turn off!!!!!

But!!!! There are those who brought them, but with low defination of camera function of his phone, but since we have no wine, milk does well too. So , we do what we do best, CAMWHORE!!!!! Hahaha can you believe these future-docs?
Me, Tan,Foo and Gan~~ The CINA GANG~~~
And we proceeded to put on the mask and the cap or bandana... And one thing we realised is that SPECIALIST gets to have their SPECIAL scrubs instead of out BLUE ones.. What they wear? Some sunset yellow with funky patterns on them.. And their caps? Super cool!! They can wear what ever colour as long as they are sterilised!!!! Gonna be a specialist soon!!!!

So, me and Yun Jian volunteered to the Day Care operation which is in OT7, where there was a ENT operation going on, (ENT meaning Ear, Nose and Throat) where the others went for Orthopedics, O&G, General Surgery,Dental Surgery and Intensive Care Unit.

We hastened into OT 7, where they have all the equipments and Pre-Operation preparations which including soaking and also anestheting. And boy I was really amazed by how the anesthetician worked out the whole process.

The process was quite simple but long... The patient was inserted with a needle on his right hand, into the veins and was dripped. After that, he was given an oxygen aid for him to slowly go to sleep, after the certain amount of drugs was injected into the patient's body via right hands.
Yet, this patient wasn't calm enough when the process was going on, resulting the inconsistent heart beat rate.. The anesthetician, Miss Nisa was very gentle in her eays and slowly calm the patient down, and finally the patient fell unconscious.

I thought that was it, but there was the next step, which is inserting a tube which provide a constant flow of oxygen and gas(which i have no idea what since the MO didn't tell me the name) for the patient's breathing purposes and also to make sure the patient is in his unconscious state throughout the operation, for him to not suffer and pain or complications.

My groupies!!! Group 12 rocks!!! And I was the oldest around!!! can u believe that?
Then Cik Nisa opened up his jaws with a special clamp, which requires real deal of strength to use. After she had inserted the tube with the oxygen and anesthetic gas flow, the nurse aided her to seal the mouth with the tapes ,including the patient's eyes. And that was the pre-operation.

After that, the ENT head walked into the OT, and wore his scrubs. He was a tall Indian man, with firm and keen senses as a specialist. He stepped in and asked for our purposes and intentions in the OT. We explained and he just coolly stepped into position and started to sterilise the whole face of the patient.

I was very impressed by the professionality, carefulness, and also their dainty attitude in the Ot. There wasn't the slightest stress in the air like how they showed in E.R. or Grey's Anatomy, neither do the TV shows had the anestheting process before.

And he performed the operation~

Stuck in some cotton to prevent blood form flowing into the throat~
Then sliced the extra fleshes~
Suck the excess blood with vacumm~
And stop the blood with pressure~
Burnt the excess flesh with a super hot guu metalic stick~
And we smell human barbecue flesh~(omg... no bbq in half a year~)
And then unstuck the cottons~

And he was done! one hour, looks long but we enjoyed the whole process very thoroughly~

Next was the nose doctor, I think she is a specilist in training, in her Gazzette's training...
And she was well trained~ She inserted the scope into the patient's nose and do all the sucking and cutting~ and Oops~
Tan,Me,Gan and Jolene~~~ Gan is scaring her lar...

Time was up and we had to change ward to OT8, but no worries, OT 8 was in their climax too as the general surgeon was about to take out the gall bladder of the man from his liver... Owh and they were doing their scrobing surgery and it was WAY too COOL!!!! They inserted small tubes in the patient's body, inflated the cavity with CO2 so that they have more space for their operation and did EVERYTHING inside the body, without opening up the body!!!
Sharlini,Dhania,Tan,Me and Gan with Auto-Cam~~~ The girls were real sweet too ya know!

That was to prevent viral infection towards the patient when they are exposed to the air, skinless...

whoa who thought of that idea???

And the gall bladder was out, and boy the MO dint hesitate to squeeze the bile out and they start spurting every where~ but the best part was knowing their stitches are absorbal by our body~

A big Phew over there~

And we saw the BLACK gall stones~~~ Cholesterol level!!! Must start doing medical check ups starting 28 ledi if not die fast~~>.<Gan,Tan,Corine,Xin Rong, Foo and Me in the Bottom~~ They were sooo nice~~~

It was getting boring as the drills goes on, and it really hurts our ears, so we proceed~

And we went to OT1, where I got my nightmare of my life!!!!



I mean, we were suppose to be medical students
We were suppose to be exposed to the gruesome stuffs
But holy, im not tHAT prepared to see a woman's .....

VAGINA!!!! OMG OMG OMG~~~ It was like hairy and a hole there...

Most important person in the programme~ Mr Mahmood!!! He was super nice in the whole week!!! And so patient!!!

Okay i freaked oujt, but it was too over... I din't know it was gonna be THERE that time... but I couldn't go in as it was full, so me and yun jian went to the pantry instead...

After that, the nightmare began AGAIN!!!!

This time was full-frontal!!!!I was the first to step into OT 8, again, with ALL WOMEN!!! No man seirously!!!! And i saw legs wide opened... Not sure if it was a she or her coz ya know... How am i suppose to know and when I stepped another inche, I was like, OMG~~~

Hair again, no cover , no nothing , just naked...... omg... nightmare~~~

I think i will continue next time so adios then~

PS: We ended you session today so pictures for the dearest YOU~
Last Candid~

Now a have to go crash into my piles of A levels homework~~~

Swithering Away,


  1. yeap just had my interview today~

  2. oh? how was it?
    so where will u do your A level then?

  3. im not sure they didn't give use chance to ask but i think i will try request to do in Taylors...

    The latest post will be on the interview itself so enjoy!!!