Saturday, March 21, 2009

KZB on:P license means free-less

Look, every 17 in the country jumps up and down and go "yippeeee" with their new P license but in my family, it means you are the full time on-call driver of your family members.

From "tar-pau"(here meaning take out in canto) food in asia cafe to sending family members to where ever they WISH to go such as badminton classes or offices, the one who holds the license will do all the dirty jobs...

Yes I'm ranting, just get over it~

Plus, you will be constantly expected to be free to fetch the others, wash the car, check the stuffs of the car and be careful at all times to make sure you don't scratch the pretty car >.<

Talk about pretty car, I just came back from Carrefoure!!!!! Ya know the huge super hyper markter in SS15? yeah I was suppose to get some groceries for my aunt to chip up some feast..... And I had to PARK~

I had to park TWICE because of my new P license and the L parking aint easy in the underground sewer scented basement, what's worse is when there are people waiting for you and you panic, and *screaming owh shit owh shit* literally scream for help... Once the fellas behind me get through, the adrenaline went down and my 2nd parking was successful~

Thank goodness... and what I hate worse about driving, no shortcuts or Squeezing through cars like you can in your shoes only... I thought the entrance was the exit and I wasted one freaking big turn just to get to the exit on the other side of the parking lot...*criminy* and the cursing rap starts~~~

Owh my eefing gourd~~~*X100~~~ and the lane-ing, it gets harder when you are new, and the drivers around are freaking mean to not let you pass... another OMEffinGourd!!!!!!!!! but still, manage to reach home safely and end up playing with my dog instead~

I have exactly 14 hours and 22 minutes to enjoy because starting from tomorrow, I will die studying A levels in Taylors and facing JPA's hospital attachment and interviews... Criminy again.. my life is getting haywired~~ Owh yeah, and I'm trying to get a new Laptop and Saxophone, which cost me 3.5K each... shit I am such a spendthrift~~~~~

So people, enjoy your study life then your working life, the other way round and you go cooku like ME~~~

Swithering Away,

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