Thursday, March 12, 2009

KBZ on: Its just the beginning, after SPM

Compliments of HELP College~

Well, thanks for tuning in with me peeps so it have been a hectic day... I can't say i cried actually because I was trembling and ALMOST cried but I hang on.. So wanna know what i got?

7A1s, 3A2s and 1 B4~~~

owhkay subjects announcement:

Bahasa Inggeris: A1 119:A1
Mathematics: A1
Additional Mathematics:A1
Sejarah: A1
Chemistry: A1
Physics : A1
English for Science and Technology: A1

Bahasa Malaysia: A2
Pendidikan Moral: A2
Biology :A2


Bahasa Cina: B4

so? how's that sound? satified? Honestly, I was really hoping for straight A1s, but yet, my chinese language studies ain't really strong, so it pulled me down.

As for the A2, BM was a relief because I was afraid that i might "terpesong" (here meaning out of the idea or the topic in BM) but thank goodness, still an A...

As for Biology, I was really hoping for an A1 because it was really my favourite subject~ and plus, it was the only subject I didn't go for tuition adn studied all by myself~

AS for Moral, I was glad i got an A because I barely passed for the pass 2 years~

But, I got another surprise~ I got an A1 for Physics and Chemistry!!!! OMFG~~~ Sooo relieved~~~~~ Why? Because I hated physics and I NEVER, as in NEVER EVER got an A1 before in my high school life for Chemistry~~

And when Pn Loo came back to school and I asked her, she was like,
"Aiyar, Yong Bin, ni hai qian yi liang ge lar..."
Translation: Aiyar, Yong Bin, you lacked one or two subjects lar...

I was like, shit!!! I got 2 Bs??? OMG OMG OMG OMg OMG~~~~ How was that possible? You mean other than CHINESE I might have another B???? And it was Pn Loo of All teachers so I really though it was going to be Chemistry!!!!!

But but but, hardships are rebated so I got a 10As for SPM~~

Yet yet yet,I cant get much scholarships as I got A2 for BM~~~ sooo I most probably going for A levels in Taylors~~~
Testi---testi---testi--- reminded me of friendster~

Come to think of it, I never got STRAIGHT As before, maybe it is a sign of my sexuality also~~~ kidding lar!!!!!
There goes my scholaship planning~~

Anyway, for the peeps who got great results like the WHOLE class of 5 SETIA SMKSJ SS14, as almost 3/4 of the class got 10As and above including me, congrats and may you strive for more in the future~~~

As for those who thinks that you didn't do well enough or up to expectations, or even very bad, like me here,don't be sad, as it is only the BEGINNING of your life, it is not the end~ Now you know that which and what was your weakness, it is time for you to buckle and shine brighter than ever in your tertiery education~~~

so... thats all for today, I think i should have a good dinner tonight as I missed my dinner for the pass two days~ missing my maid's cooking and rice~~
Finally, I'm officially not a student of SMKSJ anymoooooore~~~

PS: Facial schedule for me tomorrow~~ Willy, I finally got to go for a facial session~~~

Swithering Away,


  1. congrats dude! 10A's !!!!
    be happy :)

  2. heya!!! Congrats wei!!!

    All the best in your future undertakings!

    Tell me when you are coming to Taylors! We eat lunch with everyone else in taylors! Woopee!

  3. haha owhkay may zhen! haha back at you!!! u scored at least STRAIGHT As~~~ i got one B4 lar....

  4. not a bad one... but so sayang lar skidded in ur BM and Moral... like the two are so very important for scholarships wo... and bahasa cina... ahahaha. thats the reason i never take it. heee. :P anyways, congrates on the good result! :D

  5. hey medie!! yea i know... thats why im resolving to a levels for now, then pursue for scholarship later on... so no more playing a fool for me!!! haha and chinese i never regretted taking it because it is who i am haha.. thanks for the comment anyway!

  6. Hey, are you going for the March intake or June intake? Just being curious.

  7. delusion: im going for the march intake~ why asking?