Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Men's best friend, sometimes the other way round~

The pictures speak for me now... owh well i had to protect my bitch from another bitch, to be specific, my neighbour and also my senior back in secondary school's bitch, Lucky i think. Owh... there are even jealousy between bitches, because my Hachi have more freedom and friends than Lucky does.... and she bit her for it, and not to forget, me.

Yeap, that is the bite...
my whole pants got ripped off like a rapist would have done, it was my favourite slacks!!! see my blood?
thanks to doc Leo, i have patch on my right thigh~

so crap i did while bored to death while working
and the moto moto's cover~

And thanks to this, i couldn't walk to work now... owh well, i can start 2mr anyway, just to take off my patch~

Thats for today, so long peeps~

PS: thanks for the advices on the previous post peeps, love you guys... and some curious personnels did asked on who was the fella, i thinki will tell it when i am ready... though i cant say i am now.....

Swithering Away,


  1. yea... my leg... kenot go modelling for briefs' ads already... hahaha jk jk lar

  2. Wat the.. Bite until like that.. Is she vampire or wat?

  3. she is a fierosome one..... shed torn my pants too... talk about Bite Me~~

  4. shite!!!!!!! that looks nasty. never mess with bitches.... hahahahaha...

    get well soon.

  5. and the worse part, its your OWN bitch who got you into the mess