Monday, March 9, 2009

KZB on Rumah Rehat Adeline,Gopeng,Perak

Owhkay it was suppose to be a soul-searching trip but holla! The place was a die for, to soothe the mind and not exactly the place to soul-search, but to bond. It was a 2 days 1 night package, which we got i think its the Kampung Hut Package

which cost us rm98++ per person for 1 breakfast, 2 lunch, one dinner and one supper.

and trust me, the whole is worth more than it cost, seriously the owner can charge a lot more with the current state of the place but she is literally enjoying her life, so she need not to raise the cost, haha.

It was Jer Renn who asked me to tag along with his family, and thank goodness, we get to have our OWN room instead of sleeping in a same cubicle with his parents and aunt, imagine THAT but we were still under the same roof though...(being LAME)

it took us around 4 hours to reach the place, with some side tracks along the way. We stopped at Rawang or was it Serendah first to have our breakfast, curry mee again, not as good as we have in Subang though but since it was a treat, i just have to bear with it then.

Next stop was Kampung Orang Asli Lata Kinjang where we explored the Waterfall and it was truly Magnificent. The strong momentum of the current gushing down its geographical latitude is exquisitely the best melody of nature. The jade green lush of plants is spectacularly the scenery to boost you eyesight back to its natural state, sadly i didn't have the time to make those stares back there... so enough with the talk picture time!!!

That very sign~

how's my photography skill? haha it was using my phone's VGA cam though but owh well...

Thank goodness this bridge had been able to support my weight.. if not i will die gushed away by the current~~~>.< Owh... Magnificio~
Jakun enough,(jakun meaning barbaric) i took a picture of a rooster~~~

so what can we do there? we enjoy life!!!(tan sai gai in cantonese) literally!!! There is no telecommunication means once you step through the banner so no one can reach you, call you, message you or 3G you... so if you want a life out of the daily hustle of the urbs, this is one stop you should always come and try.

the ambience, its ok and quite well taken care of, as there aren't MUCH muddy spots, other than the one which i need to open up my legs wide like a woman in labour>.<, to cross after it rains... the environment is actually very refreshing as its covered in vegetations, and the sound of water flushing down the dam was indeed loud, enough to cover up the snores(ZZZZ) of the uncles from the room beside ours(me and jer renn)
that pile of mud~~~~
from where we sit~~

great view~

the facilities, for a place which is situated in a forest, im telling you its like staying in a 5 star hotel!!!(metaphorically) the rooms were cozy and just nice for two, as the rays of dawn piercing through the edges of the wooden hut to wake you up, and the whistling wind of the night seeping through the cracks of the lines in the hut to put you into sleep.

Do not even bother to ask about having bed because they only have thin films of "tilam"(i dont remember the english name of it so screw it~~) for the night. Since you want to approach nature, ditch the half metres-thick feathered cuboid... And its really cold in the morning too!!! And Adeline was nice enough to provide us the blankets which reminds me of my grandmother's sewings.
our shoe rack~

when i was relaxing~

out bed sheets and blankets~

the rumah nangka~
our HUT~~~ nice right?we were staying in the last right corner~
owh the dam which brought me to sleep by covering the SSTM of the room beside, SSTM stands for Super Snoring Tension Meditation according to uncle Wong~ darn funny uncle~
where we hung out stuffs, see jer renn's sexy red bottom? hahaha

one camwhoere picture... wonder why were we in the yellow mood~~~>.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
the activities, not much comment because they COST and its only me and Jer Renn, but you can check them out in here so you will know what i mean.. but we spent our time playing Sirami though~ it was like some maths game which me and Jer Renn did enjoy a lot~~~ we are getting on set of ourselves now~

Owh yeah, we did hit the waterfall, though but i wasn't prepared with equipments.. so i only felt the water instead of playing in it... but the adults enjoyed it well though, by flaunting their sexy thighs and , well sexy , uhm , trunks?

after the waterfall , there was rain~~~
under the rain~~~~ jer renn busy walking when i busy snapping~~

sexay uncle wong~~~
wish i could have went IN there~~

so overall:::::

food: 9.5/10.0

average:8.3/10.0 all to my own preferences though... for a stay, it is real good~~
well if ya ever wanna go, just go to the website to check it out~~~

wrapping up, guess who is doing the sexy stunt~

Swithering away,


  1. the trip is really fun with beautiful environment... my hubby would love the place ^_^

  2. haha looks like malaysia still have one clean spot for kham huh? its cheap and its good~ try coming here from your busy schedules one day!