Wednesday, March 11, 2009

KZB on:Destiny awaits after Sudah Pasti Mati results~

Owh peeps, as we are well informed by the Malaysian Government or the M O E of Malaysia, SPM results of 2008 candidates will be announced in 12 March 2009, 10.00 a.m. sharp~ sooooo what else I can say about it?

I can only say...


Woohoo!!!!! Now I can hunt down every Pastry shop there is existed in Subang Jaya and I can start my cook-o-mania !!!!

But still, SPM is also quite a headache to begin... Tuitions, school, duties, and home work, and a little bit of kiaaaasu ness in my classmates, I was glad I survived the year 2008~ *Phew*(kiasu ness meaning scared to lose in Hokkien)

Now that I mentioned it, I was stuck in the KiaSu classes in my schooling life, coz sadly I was in the first class all the time, and I was only an average student~ owh well.. maybe Buddha is really trying to put me into heck loadsa hardship~>.<

Now that Im heading towards the next stigma of my life, I just hope that I wouldn't make decisions that I shall ever regret...

Now, another 11 more hours till I grab on my 2 years hardship...

Swithering Away,

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