Friday, March 20, 2009

KZB on: Choices of Life

I'm moving from upset to pissed off of my life right now!!! IT is always choices, options and routes!!! Why can't just make ONE stable route instead of two of more risky ones??? I'm no businessman I'm only a freaking eighteen for Pete's sake!!!!

JPA hospital attachment: 23rd to 27th March , which is equal to one whole week of college studies, including my 1st ORIENTATION in college!!!! OMFG I'm missing one of the biggest events in college life and also the chance to meet the BIG BIG fellas in my programme... argh!!!!!

But still to put them both on the balance, the JPA hospital attachment weighs much more than one week's of college, plus I can try my best to catch up with X by my side, if X is in the same class and same intaker as I do... Although I think I have a clear idea on which intake X is in right now haha~~~

So now its just further discussions with my parents on which to go... and how because I need to go all the way to Hospital PUTRAJAYA to see the spurting blood of doctors in there~~~ How cool is that?

Although I'm not determined to make it for medicine yet, but I think a cetain amount of exposure is essential to build the path towards my dream... It is just WHICH way to go~

Currently rotting at home and watching the latest Super Sentai series~
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger!!!! Apparre!!!

The cute japanese teeens~

Ippitsu Soujo~

Origami Gattai

I'm so going to be double the trouble and business,LITERALLY after how many times I wished I could start studying... Talk about Beware of What you Wished For.....

Last Laugh:
Oden Origami!

Swithering Off,


  1. Oh God....I was in a similar dilemma before.....

    BTW, I'm already in Subang....or Subang Jaya.......I still confuse the two, lol.

    Congratulations for being shortlisted, and good luck! :D

  2. hey thx! haha where are u staying anyway??? and the dilema~ ugh screw it!!!

  3. seriously, do NOT do medicine. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

  4. huh? why???? YOU ARE STUDYING IT!!!!