Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buffetting : Conflicts

I'm not even sure if its an argument, or it was just a small disagreement.

The first so called "fight" took place finally in our group today.

Conflict happens all the time, its just how we deal with it.

Today, we were supposed to have a debate over a freakishly biased motion, and I was in the opposition team.

Well, it was lot-drawing, so everything was fair and square in terms of lots.

Yet, in terms of favorable, the whole theme was totally redundant to be debate about, because the motion is exactly what we are learning in the current course, and what we need to uphold.

But the conflict wasn't between me and my mates, cause they rocked.

It was with one of the government mates, first speaker.

I would just put O there, its much more disclosed this way.

O was determined to win the debate, though there wasn't any implication after the debate that they won.

But of course they would have won, the whole motion favored, and was extremely biased.

Anyhow, the determination was to the point that he wasn't even willing to be in the same room with us, the opposition team to discuss his points with his mates.

Apparently everyone else in his team wanted to stay with us, except for him. At least from where I see it.

I wasn't even one bit worried that our group's points would be "eaves-dropped" by their group, let alone will I do it.

But I guess O had the "typical Chinese syndrome" in O real hard, thought I wouldn't tell what race O is.

The thing is, we are a group, what we should do is just help each other out instead of turning our backs, even if its a debate.

Who knows, we might put up with a very interesting debate in-prompt-Tu if we had discussed a lil.

Oh well, conflicts in life.

PS: My group mates were really confident that I might leave the program soon, which I do intend. It's weird that people say "Don't leave" when you tell them you are leaving.

But doesn't it bogs you on how true it is?


  1. To some ppl, winning is a matter of life and death and i know somehow it gets pretty annoying to ur eyes :P!

    Somehow without these kinda ppl, the world wouldnt be perfect and there's no drama to watch eh? xD

    1. Kinda sorta! I'd actually apologized instead for causing a scene though, because I was in for everyone to be in the same room while he "allegedly" booked the room. I was like, who gives you the right to book any room? But then again, oh well

      Life's like a drama~

  2. these prima donnas are everywhere & you can find them at varsities, work places, govt departments, commercial offices & even in your own family.

    psychologists say their big ego is a result of low self-esteem.so now you know.

    just ignore them & get on with life la!

    1. Haha O is freaking in my group for the next 7 weeks! Oh well, I guess other than this O is pretty much a great person. I might as well try to reflect on what I should have done as a much older person.

      All these senses only kick in post-oblivion.

      big ego in result of low self-esteem, wow I like the hypothesis!

    2. Big ego in result of low self-esteem. That's true though! Like REALLY TRUE. haha ;)