Sunday, March 25, 2012

Buffetting : Google-d

At least I know how people might track me in the Google-o-sphere

But then again, ain't it super dangerous to be exposed so?

Should I privatize my blog? Or I should just probably ignore.

Minutes and assignments again~


  1. My name's often googled too! And that's kinda freaky sometimes when I get people from East Malaysia or even from the US googling my name. Crazy, but I wouldn't want to privatise my blog, at least not for now. So I'll just let it be. :)

    1. haha but its really weird though, like how the heck and why ppl would wanna google our names???!!

    2. haha I don't know how possible it is for you, but I googled my name and found a pretty lady from US, some biotechnician or something, with the EXACT same name as mine. and I thought my name (with the surname) was rare. It turns out there are at least three people in US with the same name+surname!

      As for those people who googled my name from East Malaysia/outside of KL/Selangor, I guess it's up to me to think that I have readers/fans(haha) from those places, or probably those US "Ooi Ee Lyn"s are so famous even Malaysians know them. :S

      So.. go find out if you're that curious. They were probably looking for some famous guy with the same name, or you're famous and it was indeed you they were searching for. lol