Friday, March 9, 2012

Buffetting : Gift

Sometimes we do get people telling us things like,

"I think you will become a good *fill in the blank*"

And we go like, yea thanks for the compliment.

But when people fill in those blanks for us, how many instances are there in which we'd actually really wish to be those blanks?

Upon enrollment into the medicine program, although it was just the first semester I've been receiving multiple comments from people that I will make a good doctor, well at least a human one.

Reason being : Just their vibes.

Do I really have the human doctor look?

What about my lecturer look? My group mates actually enjoy me teaching them Biochemistry over the current lecturer. So, I will be a good lecturer too, not?

And what about my affinity for animals? I'm pretty good with livestock, while during my practicals I was also given comment that I'm natural with animals. Don't I make a good veterinarian too?

Today we had a party of disabled guests in our tutorial on sociology of medicine, and we had:

1- Christopher who'd attained a disorder which I forgotten, but it caused him his mental ability, and some extend his movement ability.

2- William who'd got the William's syndrome, where the elasticity of some of the body's tissue is impaired, costing his respiratory and speaking abilities, and he is very susceptible to flu.

3- Wai Kit who had autism, and he wasn't aware of his surrounding, but still able to provide an adequate intensity of communication with people. However, he wasn't good enough in delivering, and it cost his job opportunity as sales assistant in Giant.

4- Ms Pathma, who lost her leg during her university days in 1975, due to an accident in the campus with a bus. For a person who is 57, she certainly looked no more than 40. She stays young at heart, to stay young outside. Heck she goes to pubs in her wheelchair!

5- Mr Faruq, who got his movement impaired when he was infected by a bacteria/virus during his research days in 2010, where his myeline sheath of the neurons were degenerated by the infection, resulting him with a lesser ability to move.

I had the most interaction with Ms Pathma and William. Ms P was nice enough and full of energy to talk about her experiences, to cope with life and even getting a special car and all. She also did tell me to go for what I want instead of my parents' because I will live the life, not them. Well, I'd keep that in view for now.

William on another hand made me thinking. For a 24, he certainly acted more like a 16, when he still calls his mother Mommy. For a person who was labeled as DISABLED, he didn't look any different from any 16 yrs old out there.

Except he had some problems pronouncing words, due to the muscle elasticity problems. William is also extra social active, due to his chromosomal disorder at Xmosome 7. He tends to be much more interactive, at point to the extreme; in another words an opposite of autism.

He enjoys waving to people, telling people his name, and also HUGGING people.

I was one of his favorite hugging targets in the hall today. He literally hugged me all the chance he have.

Probably because I have excess adipose tissue. Which made me wonder if I should keep them or shed them.

Shed them, I will still be huggable after on if I'm already huggable now.

OR because I am a natural? Hmm.... Should I continue with medicine then since I'm good with people? What about animals?

One funny thing happened was; William massaged me on back when I was chatting with Ms P, and he uttered;

"You're fat ar"

I was like, haha wtheck? And I just said YEA, probably that made me so huggable to you right? XD

Meeting these people, interacting with 2 of them and being someone who people find comfort in, isn't this what I had always wanted to be?

So isn't medicine a profession which allow me to do so?

But, I get closer to nature, AND solitary if I picked up veterinary medicine. That's something which I also wish to venture, before I get old and unable to move around.

Can't I be as comforting as being a human doctor, as a veterinarian?

Should we embrace our gifts, and venture into something we might not be good at but we love doing it?


  1. Replies
    1. im a thinker mar. that's why my body sometimes can't cope with my brain one.

  2. Vet or Med? Seems like this is a forever endless!

    1. Tell me about man, or woman. I have 9 more weeks to find out!

  3. perhaps you didn't know that you are a man of many talents & your med sch friends only see one facet of you.

    1. wow I never thought of myself that way. Maybe they did, though I'm sure they are out to get me that I'm a study and control freak XD.

      Its just so weird that I'd wish I can do more in life.

  4. Open two clinics then. Morning become a veterinarian, evening become a GP.

    1. walau eh, if I'm that patient to study for like 5 yrs, then another 4 , then practice another 5, then set up a human X animal clinic.


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