Sunday, March 18, 2012

Buffetting : That's too Bad

It is, I was really rooting for those two.

Apparently, a possible life-mate material of two university mates of mine decided to hold their relationship to the next step.

I wouldn't put it as a "shock". After all, I've seen worse.

But still, it is really waste. They were going so well with each other, but in the end it didn't turn out too well. I was actually planning to volunteer myself as their future children's god-father.

Guess I was speaking too fast?

Then again, anything can happen. Who knows they might have a divorce after?

Then again, its another alternate reality.

I would say both of the parties are really good husband and wife material, even for other individuals. They both shared similar warmth and consideration which I don't see in other people, so I really thought things would have worked out.

Sadly, the girl fell for another guy, which I think he was from the high school days. Let's hope this guy would be as good, even better than my university mate.

Yet, what I was really happy was, he chose to confide in my instead of anyone else in the course.

Thanks, I'd really appreciate this trust you have in me.

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