Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buffetting : Step by step

So I was like ranting over how Biochemistry was so lame and the urgency to pick it up wasn't that intense.

Apparently everyone told me, its just the 1st semester, take it easy.

Yeah, I better do or I might seriously end up doing medicine.

Today we finally met up with our Study Buddies in yr 2, where all the crazy people already manifested into psychos.

Our 4 buddies were okay, at least we had a balance of 2 lively ones, and 2 not so. It's a great mix, cause someone will pull us back.

And heck we've got the best 2nd yrian in our group man, how cool is that.

Surprisingly, STPMer. Oh yea, we rock like that.

However, lets not get too into it. Veterinary medicine awaits.

Then it was time to meet up a long unmet friend for months, cause he was busy, I was busy, and this and that. I thought we had chemistry, but as a matter of fact we do, and I got totally bro-zoned.

Thank goodness I found out his affection towards one of the 2nd yr girl in UPM who is also in K17 residential, before anything else could happen.

What could happen anyway right?

Caught up here and there, and we do have similar views for some topics.

Future job prospect crisis, vet over med, passion over mission from parents, same ol same ol.

Talking to him made me realize how I'd actually missed UPM so much.

My company, my course, my university, heck my residential room.

But I still have 10 weeks determining period.

Come on Binn/Robinn/Yong Bin/Tempus, its time to know your definites.


  1. Hi there :)

    I'm a stranger passing by.
    Sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I have been following your blog for quite some time..since you started your 'Vet or Med'.

    I enjoy reading your posts - they make me think..quite a lot. Basically I also face the same problems. Yup, anyway, wish you all the best in Monash. Hopefully you'll choose the path you'll not regret. :)


    1. HI there stranger! haha so you'd actually enjoyed seeing me muk in the dilemma?

      haha its my pleasure to be someone else's guide line, and an honor. Hopefully you too choose wisely. It's not a pretty sight being stuck in between two worlds which offer you so much.

  2. Oops sorry, don't get me wrong. I didn't mean that. Haha. Although you are in deep dilemma, you still move on pretty well eh? Seems like you really like Vet?

    Ahh, I am already torn between choices. Still, decisions are to be made very soon. Somehow your posts help.

    Hopefully you will continue writing posts (not dilemmas). Don't close your blog XD

    1. haha i was just being sarcastic XD

      I really love Vet, its just im tied down by the family.

      Glaad to be of some inspiration towards your choice. At least I was somewhat part of your life XD

      yea, i will try my best to continue posting! Closing my blog is the last thing i wanna do for now XD