Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Buffetting : Moving on.

Today was really all about moving on. IT was the day when STPM 2011's results was released, and judgment day for pretty much all STPMers 2011, who were all my juniors.

I went to the 6th Form school during the 3 hours break from lectures and tutorials, and boy I love that school.

The whole place gave me the similar feeling of what I did when I stepped into UPM, homy.

Monash and Taylors never did give me any of these. Well, at least not yet for Monash.

Anyways, I went on to chat with a few teachers on how I'm doing, the dilemma and the choices.

Heck, my medicine mentor teacher was like so hardcore against me changing, probably because she'd really saw me as a human doc since I was in 6th form.

Anyhow, I felt kinda guilty when I told her I'd like veterinary medicine more now. She was all the way with me in 6th form when I was long and blur, keeping tipping on which university to target and apply for.

Well, I got into Monash, one school which ALL, I mean ALL her daughters got into. Her 1st and 2nd daughter both graduated from Monash Sunway and are working in Australia now.

She'd say she can actually pull some strings in Oz for me if I'd really wanna practice there.

Talk about making use of CONNECTIONS.

Lets go back to the juniors. I had only 10 minutes with them, cause tutorial was at 1, and the HM was in only like 12.20. Seriously, be a lil more earlier next time lady.

We had 10 top scorers, meaning all of them have had a CGPA of 3.5 and above.

Sadly, people whom I was close to didn't manage to be in the list.

The science streamers wasn't really doing well, the best they've got was 3As and 1B+, while ours managed to nab 2As, 2A-s.

And one of my close junior didn't do that well at all. He's gotten A-, B+,B- and a D+.

With one extra D+, its going to be tough for him to enroll in ANY school at all, because of the universities, private ones no less have minimal requirement of C+ at least.

And he was pondering between pharmacy and medicine.

this is going to be H-A-R-D.

He's a great dude, good charisma and all, very devoted to the Dharma. But I guess luck didn't work its way around his studies.

This is going to be so hard, because without a good results at pre-u level, one can only go so far in course application. I wonder how tough is it going to be for him in his next coming months.

That was one move, another is my Japanese alter ego.

I passed the last Advance 7 with a 90%, though I totally should have done better in my comprehension.

Now I'm in Advance 8. After passing my JLPT N2, I'm more determined to pass N1 now.

However, I did consider stopping my normal class due to the fact that I'm in med school now, and what's worst an extra load might not be an exactly great Idea.

Yet, an extra curricular session will do good in de-stressing and also my CV addition.

But, see how many "buts and all" I've been using, my current class teacher will be quitting her job in 3 weeks' time.

This was due to the fact that she is now Married, she needs to have more time with her spouse, who napped her all the way to Selayang.

And the fact that she need to cook and all at night, which contradicts the night classes in ICLS, she had to quit.

I really liked her though, but she had to move on. We were actually on a race to see who actually stops first, us students; or her.

In the end it was her.

Oh well.

People move on, now its people whom we are close to now.

Now to move on to sleep.


  1. Forgive me but i read homy as horny... lol..

    Good luck with your papers!

    1. you're not alone.... HAHAHA! I read the same thing too! ><

    2. a? *traced back* i din
      but when i read nap, i was thinking you mean sleeping with* right? lol

    3. @leo: haha its ok, as long as you get it straight in the end.

      @alex: what's with men and the word horny?

      @vincent: no la! wtheck these men really on testosterone hormones when you read my posts la! napped in the sense that, kid-napped kinda nap her to selayang!

  2. Dang! My Korean teacher quitted too! :( Now we're unwanted kids. Waiting for a new teacher to pick us and continue the course in April. We really liked the previous teacher. So yeahh I understand :(

    1. Oh well, what to do, move on time.