Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buffetting : Choices

It just sparked to me how fickle minded and easily swayed I am in life.

Today we were discussing over a grammar topic of happy choices and hard choices, in our Japanese class.

We had plenty of happy choices, some included:

1) Selecting destinations for traveling

2) Selecting cars

3) Selecting lovers(wthell right?)

4) Selecting food

Stuffs like that. Some even have no problem in making much selections in their lives.

Some hard choices raised were:

1) Selecting house chores

2) Selecting names for children

3) Selecting jobs

4) Selecting dinner venues

And stuffs like that.

As for my answer, I just blurted that I'm bad in making choices, being I just can't make definite choices.

I make choices, and I look back.

Guess I'm a perfectionist in making choices.

I just wish things would be better if I could do both.

Then this reminds me of what we were discussing in Ethics class for our Medicine course.

There's 2 patients in the refuge camp. One being prime minister and has urinary tract infection, and another baby with gastrointestinal tract infection.

Who will you save the last dosage of antibiotic for?

Some said for the most important people of the country, some said a younger life.

I was asking if we could just separate the dosage, and wait for further assistance for more dosage and replenish them later.

But life is never perfect. Doing that will cause the bacteria in the body to be much more tolerant to the antibiotic.

Not good for the patient.

So seriously, I guess I suck in making choice, and I like to make sure both parties are okay.

But, life is all about harsh choices ain't it? You already have to choose over Play Station and Mandarin Language even when you were 10.



  1. NOt good at choice making either xD

    1. pffft, was KENNY a hard choice?

    2. He was not a choice :P! I just know xD

    3. wah, confidence sial. Good for you then, but choosing to get involved still was a choice.

  2. Replies
    1. oh well, i have problem choosing over EVERYTHING

    2. Filet-O-Fish or Double Cheeseburger? XD

    3. Between Big Mac and Double Spicy Mc Deluxe