Sunday, March 4, 2012

Buffetting : JLPT N2


Its kinda late to post this cause I got the results like, days ago.

But FYI readers, I've finally known to pass my JLPT N2!!!

Yay! It's like the 2nd level of the 5 tiered hierarchy, and I only have one more level to go for the top level, N1.

Then I can finally get to professional level 1, and entry to Japanese companies~

As for the scores,

I should I have done better if I weren't that busy during the prep course period. However, A and B should be good enough. Though I wanted strings of As hehehe

Just for the reference:
Look at N2

Now, I need to work towards N1 one!


  1. wei, can you teach me a? I really want to learn wei~~~~ >____<

    1. haha how you want me to teach EXACTLY?

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! Now its the final level!

  3. Thats some serious commitment Binn, I respect that.

    1. commitment? well, somehow it became one over the years after evolution from interest. I find myself a lil less keen in class now, but I told myself, its time to buckle up and pay more to be better.