Monday, March 5, 2012

Buffetting : Relevance

Well, lets hope I have time to post for the next 10 weeks of my life like this everyday.

Shit, I missed combat again.

Anyway, its just so weird in lecture today.

Almost half of the class was so lost when the lecturer was talking about TCA/Krebs/Citric acid cycle.

For a person who have learned it in STPM, then again in Biochemistry course, and now again; I'd able to rewrite everything down to the last details.

The SAM coursemates of mine were hoping so dearly that what they need to know is of the minimum, and the freaking lecturer said YES.

Oh Em Gee, are you kidding me??!!! I'd actually had nightmares of these cycles running in my brain and you are telling I need NOT memo them in MED SCHOOL?


Ok then, guess I should relax and all and screw all the biochem classes. I did it in UPM once, I can do better in Monash.

Ugh, or should I screw my grades seeing I wouldn't want to be in here the next sem anyway?

Alright, chillin to the grillin. Be OPEN MINDED.

I've told myself multiple million of times over past month.

So its like irrelevant for me to keep those cycles in my head now. Or should I just to stand out more?


I need a purpose in life.

Tmr, its combat day!


  1. If I'm not mistaken, it comes in detail in the second year (:

    1. only in 2nd yr? im not even sure if im will be in 2nd yr!

  2. Soon you'll memorize the Krebs cycle till it appears in your dreams :) I even made a song about it.

    1. Baah i've already had the nightmare once in UPM. Those cycles cycled in mah dreams before the day of our test. About the song, I've made mnegram about it.