Saturday, February 11, 2012

Buffetting : Post CNY Mortem

Almost everyone I knew asked me how was my CNY.

Honestly, it sucked to the max.

I had never been through these phases in my life, and I have no idea how the hell I brought this grace upon myself.

Torn between my life long career and living, I was literally suffocating every night to sort this out.

Even till this very moment, I'm struggling.

When I watched dramas and see how the medical officers(actors but wth) dealt with issues, I tend to react subconsciously to answer, or perhaps to give MO as my life as a second thought.

However, reality bites in after 5 minutes of drama-dream when I recalled of how the existing real life doctors warned about the un-glamorous part of an MO's life. And that was when I doubt.

Yet, I still do not wish to give up my once in a life time chance to pick up vet as my life career. I was amazed on the amount of knowledge I was able to deliver to people when it comes to issues dealing with animals thanks to the exposure I have in UPM.

Livestocks, animal rights and welfare, disease diagnosis, epidemiology; even after the 1st semester I was able to enlighten so many people around me with sheer knowledge, what more when I'm in my 5th?

Medical officers are such in abundant, and with laymen equipping themselves with adequate medical knowledge, MO's at a certain degree of healthcare is disposable. Unless when it comes to non-superficial issues like surgeries or chemo, specialists come in play.

There are so many still living in their shells of ignorance, especially towards what is going on with animals and wildlife out there. I see this as an exciting part of nature, and if I were able to radiate this knowledge to the people, the public, even one person at all in my life, I feel that I have made a change for the world, and that is the true meaning of life.

Of course, money comes in, after I have had enough exposures.

Nevertheless, this CNY was truly a tormenting period, tearing my head apart.

The decision's been made, hopefully I will be allowed to differ my semester in UPM.

That was about studies, back to activities:

My Japanese language teacher got MARRIED! to a LOCAL Malay, who is a GOLFER.

Can you imagine how blind can love get?

She was like, half witted English; and he have had no Japanese basic, and he was her Golf INSTRUCTOR.

Talk about professional overboard.

Anyway, she looked really happy in the wedding, and she is a very nice lady. Hopefully this lad will be able to bring happiness to her for the rest of her life.

Talking to her was really comfortable, and dang she is a great listener. She never hesitated to share her own experience when it comes to course work related matters.

Great teacher, hopefully she doesn't stop. She have to travel all the way from Selayang to Subang everyday to teach! Holly Son of A B*TCH! I wouldn't travel THAT long,

This is when the term "Love is INDEED blind" comes into picture.

Oh well, I have yet to come to terms with myself to open up to another person, so *whistle*

BTW, did I mention she have a Muslim name?


Dang, I have 7 Aishas in my life now.

1 from subang, 6 in UPM Serdang, Sit Aisha, Siti Aisha with ', Ayesha, Aisha something , and Aisha something something.

Next up, as all hokkien does, Bai Tee Gong.

This year was brief and tiring, CNY was like a bullet train passing by and everyday was tiring.

Another pictureless post. Screw you streamyx

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